Light @storyville


Todays story is all about ‘ Light & Healing Love ‘ that began in the Beginning with God saying ‘ Let There Be Light ‘ and there was Light & The Word Was Amongst you and me just like A&M ……


The ‘ Word of the Physician of Love & Light ‘ became dim and now it is bright so blind some have been to the Understanding that will take time for that ‘ Healing of God ‘ to provide all we need just like A&M ….

god needs you to Understand Praying 🙏🙏

Light is Love & Love is Light of the ‘ Word of God ‘ in you and me hidden from our eyes in the ‘ Beginning of the End ‘ it is released in thee as it ‘ Heals Word By Word & Step By Step You Will See ‘ that Healing of the ‘ Physician The Lord Thy God of Love ‘ healing you and me just like A&M ……..

So to you all in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth just silently 🙏🙏 and God will heal that way and make you and me complete in every way just like A&M ……