Its You

Amen 🙏

When you meet people in life you wonder is this a good person or a bad person especially in today’s world 🌏

You cannot be certain they are Good until You become ascertain when they prove themselves to be worthy or not – so l say unto you maybe you do not have to prove you are Good but let others prove they are not bad 🙏

The problem is How – Well some people believe they need to suffer because they see other people suffer but Jesus (Iesu) said l am here to take away ‘All Your Sin’ so what did it truly mean 💕

Jesus we are told there are 7 – Deadly Sins and that Jesus (Iesu) said that break one you break all – but hang on that was the 10 – Commandments – so l made a mistake or did l – does not one SIN lead to another and so and so on – and does not Sin lead us into Temptation and thus to break one or All of the commandments – so l say unto you on this Easter week they are linked by the ‘ Word of God ‘ that has been corrupted by the world around – So does that make You a Good Or Bad Person? ✨

Well l consider l am OK and l have broken commandments by ‘ Bearing False Witness ‘ sometimes in my life but l know l was Wrong – and that people’s reading this that matter to God is – Its You and that’s the You he wants ‘ Warts & All ‘ he does not expect as l and so many before I tried to be Perfect because being Perfect means we do not need his help and guidance we are Know It Alls and l say this ‘ I Am Not A Know It All ‘ I need God every day in my life and my ❤️ ❤️ and after many years of admitting to ‘God l Am Wrong ‘ can l finally become and begin to Understand Its ME that God Wants and as l truly believe God Knows Best Always ✨

So this Eastertide in Your 🙏🙏’s just say Lord God Show Me The Way I Can Be That Person You Truly Want Me To Be & Become Just Like You ✨


By ace101

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