Its Me

Let’s today talk for a while about You, not Me as l am not someone who talks about myself as You are more important than Me 😔

Is it not at this time of year of Easter how we should remember that man who some believe died on that cross so long ago and came not for him but Us his people

Here’s is a chance at every turn to change Your mind do the Right Thing and be guided by the ‘ Light Not The Darkness Within ‘ harken not to the ones who say its this or that and nobody will know – Listen with your ❤️❤️ to the word that emanates from within – it speaks to You Not Me

Oh yes it maybe l have a message sent from God to Me but God speaks to All of Us and only some will Hear its Me and that I in All is being heard once more as we approach this fateful day and only Hear the sound of Fear and not of Jollity – So l say unto All who read this message and then they 🙏🙏 do not ask for Me but listen to your own ❤️ ❤️ say unto you Its Me-They Sacrificed and then know it’s not Me but You for which l 🙏🙏 every day