She is the One @storyville

Turn around, and look in front of you. See the future, not the past. Amen ❤️❤️

l am a ‘ Romantic Lover ‘ well thats how the story goes in Me and like so many people ‘ l Did Not Even Know ‘ as God and that Plan worked through me and then one day you Know how to express all those feelings of love that you had felt so many times after you first met and it was like a ‘ Bolt of Light ‘ entering me soul and l could say ‘ How l Feel About You ‘ that hidden Me behind a ‘ Closed Door ‘ that was finally set Free 💥

She is the One – A cry from My Heart can be sung and as the door was flung open l can see and feel once more that l need to say and make all l become all that God Had To-Plan – even before l was born he chose his Adam & Mate for One to provide the ” Gardener ” to tend all that is ‘ Kindness & Love ‘ to make the ‘ Passion Flower ‘ bloom ever higher as it stretches itself to the sun. The Sun it does warm and the bees do fly and pollinate all that ‘God Has Seen To Create ‘ that ‘ Garden is Full of Abundance & Fun ‘ as everyone has come that is in Need 💥

So l say unto you who read all l say come and join the throng ‘ All You Need ‘ is ‘ God in Your Heart ‘ and Kindness & Love can be yours and harken not too the ‘ Nay Sayers Who Say – What Is In It For You ‘ and l will say this ‘ l Have All l Want ‘ as God has provided the one full of ‘ Love & Care With Kindness To Spare ‘ and like me in so many ways as and in the ‘ Beginning It Will Be At The End ‘ of all that has happened before that ‘ Love Saved The Day ‘ in so many of a way but it was ‘ God Who Named Us Before We Were Born ‘ so he had a plan and to fruition it had began and now it had reached to the Earth 💥

And finally l say on this Happy Day that God had provided the one the part that was missing and part that was needed and ‘ God Always Knew There Was One ‘ and to that End l will always Know that my 🙏🙏 ‘s to follow God had begun before l was born l was part of that plan and it only would began when we became one


By ace101

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