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Its Care & Share in My Story today as Caring For People Who Are ‘ Poor In Heart ‘ is My Life & My Way ………

Caring about people was something l had always done since the day l was just 6yrs of age and on many many occasions before God came into My Heart & Life l suffered at the hands of other people’s want on My Life & My Way …….

Sharing became what l believed God wanted Me to do but l was to Learn and be Taught that God wanted Me to realize that in some other people’s Heart & Lives, they are only able and Want to cause ‘ Pain & Suffering ‘ as they ‘ Know Not What They do on their way in their Life…...

These people make others ‘ Believe They Are Right ‘ and even when they cause ‘ Trouble & Strife ‘ they always Want to blame other people for their life and the things they do Wrong in their Life on their way …….

Now after God came into My Heart & My Life bringing Me ‘ Knowledge & Love ‘ l learned that not everyone l met in My Life on My way ……….

Were Not ‘ Caring & Sharing Children of God ‘ and did not do Good in their life on their way ……..

Would take and never would ‘ Care & Share ‘ as they were brought into the world that had taught them to follow the ‘ Wrong Shepherd ‘ in their Life on their way …….

But l was to Learn and be Taught that when God came into My Heart & Life that he brought ‘ Goodness & Mercy Bringing Me Into The Light ‘ and then l did eventually know that after Understanding the word of God and now following My Shepherd God into My Life on My way ……

Now each day l thank God as l 🙏🙏 and walk the ‘ Path of God ‘ every day and today l say to All those that read this ….Ask God for nothing and just 🙏🙏 for God to enter your heart and life from this day ………