God Is Love @storyville


Following God, as l have said so many times is the ‘ Most Difficult & Most Rewarding ‘ of all the paths, and everything is provided in My Life with Love through Kindness in Peace & Truth now some people may say if it is the most difficult Why Bother – Well l say unto you it’s all about ‘ Caring ‘ and all my life l ‘ Cared ‘ on this journey in everything l did so l learned to understand – God provides the way and l walked and learned

In this learning that was provided by the ' Love of God ' l was taught about ' Right & Wrong ' but never feeling l was not being cared for as l cared for people on my journey - Never did God blame Me or say its Your fault and so when l did ' Wrong ' then God showed Me the way to put it Right and that all my Life never happened to Me ....Everyone but a very few want someone to blame for their misdeeds 

So after many many years of traveling from place to place, l learned to not blame other people for making a mistake or getting it wrong and that to Me is – God Is Love – Provided with Kindness & Love with Peace & Truth


By ace101

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