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All my life l would ‘ Shake Someone’s Hand ‘ to say Hello and also it was a ‘ Sign of My Honesty My Promise ‘ and with that, ‘ l Never Broke A Promise ‘ to anyone this is Right for Me that is the Truth in Me and now thanks to God is who l Am

l Believe that if you ' Promise You Should Be True To Your Word ' but this world is as many politicians and leaders of this country not true to their word and many many people l heard say where money came in and common sense left the room broke promises ' Like Pie Crusts ' a saying my parents would say and then sorry to say did the same and l watched as this destroyed people and caused anger and broke the commandments of God by venturing into Sin every day and watching all this ' l Vowed Never to Break a Promise to Anyone ' now that would be hard and that was l now understand the real ' Beginning of God Teaching Me ' - Right From Wrong ' though it would be many many years later before l could truly say l would understand that teaching - and now l do and can ' Help & Guide ' people like Me who are ' Poor In Heart ' even if sometimes they do not believe they need any help - l call this ' Saving People From Themselves ' 

So keeping a ‘ Promise ‘ to God and others took time but seeing all the damage on this journey God planned made it easier and much more able to help understand as it was and will always be about the ‘ Children of God ‘ not Me and that makes me ‘ Happy Making Other People Happy ‘ and that makes me ‘ Smile ‘ and Smiling is God Making Me Happy – Great Reason to Keep a Promise

So l say unto – Never Break a Promise and You will be Happy sometimes it will take time but always – Remember this in the Garden of Eden – it all started to go wrong and it’s only in You that Your Life can be made Right by the Plan of God in You with Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth


By ace101

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