Maybe you may need to hear this right know 😌


This passage points out that faith is a gift.

“No one can come to me unless the Father draw him.”

Faith comes from God.

It is not something we do for ourselves.

God plants the seed, Jesus provides all we need to let that seed develop and grow, what we need to do is use the nutrients that Jesus has provided and nurture the seed within us until it becomes a full grown plant and flowers.

You see that there are two parts here. It is not enough that we have heard from the Father, it is necessary to have learned from him as well and have then turned to Jesus.

Jesus is speaking here to a group of people who are having problems accepting him, and in some ways are excusing those who cannot believe. He has even asked them if his teaching had shaken their faith.

Sometimes, our faith can be shaken, and like the disciples we must decide.

Once the decision is made, we have further responsibilities because Jesus expects this faith that has flowered within us to reach out to nourish the faith of others.

Remember, only God plants the seed, but it needs to be fed and watered and since we already know where to find that in Jesus, we need to share.

By Peace Truth

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