God wants YOU to UNDERSTAND Soul Food is the 10-Commandments 🙏

Following the 10-commandments is following God but HOW easy is it to as Jesus said BREAK ONE Break Them ALL …….

Love Thy God takes ALL but they start ONE by ONE not in any ORDER but to LEARN their UNDERSTANDING takes TIME & LOVE and God has both in abundance ………as he gives us ALL through LOVE in OUR ❤️ …..

Each ONE says ‘ THOU SHALT NOT ‘ ………then what we BELIEVE is a COMMANDMENT when you ask each ONE it its NOT a Question OR Answer its a SAYING ………..If YOU break ONE then YOU will break them ALL …….that leads to the CONSEQUENCES in YOU that God wants us to UNDERSTAND that will DAMAGE YOU and WILL DAMAGE YOUR SOUL …………

So do NOT break ANYONE of them and your SOUL will be FILLED with the Love of God and YOU will be replenished and FILLED up with all the FOOD you will ever NEED …….


By ace101

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