Girl on the Sofa ~

“GIRL ON THE SOFA!” a poem a.k.a.: “A Sofa’s Song Of Love By An Envious Poet!” 6-14-2019 [Friday]

There’s-a-girl on a-sofa & I-am “Envious Green!”

Wishin’-to-be-that-sofa! Is-tha-at-too-ob-scene?

For-I’d love to be her sofa, holding up her “frame,”

Supporting ALL HER LOVELINESS? She’s-such-a-precious-dame!

I-could-be-as-soft as I-could-be, so-she’d-be-very-pleased,

And-often-come-and-lounge-on-me! I’d-love-to-be – quite-“teased,”

For, she could move around (pause) SCRrrrrrrUNCHING! oh! so-tight!

I’d-be-green and nice and soft! Es-pec-ially-at-night!

And when-she fell-asleep-on-me, I’d-whisper in-her-ear:

“I-LOVE-YOU-SOFA-GIRL! You ARE so very dear!

I’m-THE-sofa-fa’-you, and your sofas two!

Squeezie, squeezie, squeezie! We’ll-do-a-“coochie-coo!”

You-are-my-b[r]e[a]st friend, Honey! and! (pause) Your-“bootie-oo,”

Is-also soft and comfy! “SUPPORT!” That’s-what-I-do,

Yes-I’m-THE-sofa-fa’-you! I’m ‘better’-than-all-the-rest,

Because-I’m-“service-or-i-ented,” I’ll-do-my very-b[r]e[a]st,

To keep you lifted from the ground: legs-arms-boo’-‘n’-chest,

Head-‘n’-shoulders, ‘n’-so-much-more! So close, my-favorite-guest!”

[mood music!]

Nightingales sang; slumber-was-well-spent!

And-the night did-gently-pass! It-passed “without event!”

One girl! (pause) plus-one sofa! Equals = “sofa-sleep!

‘Twas-Heaven-sent!-and-dreams-have-lent; there-was ne’er-a-peep!

When-our-girl-awoke, she-stretched-and-yawned: “I-feel-SO-FA-fa-fine!

I REALLY LIKE THIS SOFA! I’m glad that he is mine!

fin <3

Mystic Poet ©️🔙