Gary Tipping Serial Child Rapist

Serial paedophile Gary Tipping will be set free despite being at high risk of re-offending and breaking his parole on his very first day out !

Yet still the Supreme court has released him. Showing as always they consider the rights of the child rapist to be free over the rights of children to be safe.

This man has been given too many chances, he kidnaps and rapes children, gets caught locked up then while inside refuses to do any “rehabilitation” work. Refuses to admit what he did was wrong, refuses to show any form of remorse !

Then he breaches his parole and gets locked back up, the State Attorney general Vickie Chapman tries to have him locked up indefinitely but of course he is set free by the supreme court. Then again DAY 1 of his parole he breaches his conditions. He is locked up and the state Attorney general applies to have him locked up indefinitely and once again the supreme court in all their wisdom, decide to let him go again.

Ben Garnaut, for the Attorney-General, asked the court not to order Tipping’s release before May 5 so accommodation could be organised.
Changes to his supervision order will be made before he is released.

WOW ! Why do the Supreme court repeat the same mistake over and over again ?
He WILL RE-OFFEND its not a matter of if, but when… (lets see if he can make It past day 1 this time).

So, who will be held accountable for this decision if he reoffends ?

We at FACAA always state no one is to blame for a sexual assault except the perpetrator, and that remains true.

However, we can and we should minimise risks wherever we can to protect those who cannot protect themselves ie. Our children, who are innocent to the ways of predators, they are trusting and they are relying on us to keep this world safe for them, to teach them right from wrong, what is dangerous and what is safe.

Now, as Parents if we neglect our duty to keep our children safe and they are injured we are punished, we may be fined for the first offence and if we continue to neglect our duties, we may lose custody of our children, this is to protect our children, to keep them safe.

So those who are responsible for more than just their own family, those who are responsible for the safety of many, many people, those in government, those who make laws and enforce them, they have a very difficult job to do. They must protect the community… and that includes everyone.

They must make decisions that affect people’s lives. It is NOT an easy position to be in and I don’t envy them at all.

We all make choices and we all are responsible for the outcome of those choices, or we should be…. However, if you are one of those responsible for applying our laws and you knowingly release a repeat offender who has a high risk of re-offending, surely you are failing in your duty of care to protect the innocents.
When is enough, enough.

A fox will always do what a fox does and if we continue to allow a fox access to a hen house, knowing he is a fox and will do fox things… who is to blame when the fox attacks the hens?

Yes, of course the fox is to blame for his actions, but we allowed the fox the freedom to reach his prey when we could foresee his actions.
Surely, we hold some of the responsibility for not protecting our innocents from a known predator.
Surely, we should do all we can to protect those in our care who cannot protect themselves.
Thank you Vickie Chapman S.A Attorney General for trying.

A notorious South Australian child sex offender will be re-released into the community after breaching his supervision order within days of his initial release last year. The decision to release Gary John Tipping, 33, drew widespread criticism after the court heard he remained unwilling to control his sexual urges and would be at significant risk of reoffending.

Tipping, who has abused boys as young as eight, was released by the Supreme Court in September. But he was arrested and taken back into custody after six weeks. Tipping allegedly breached the conditions of his release on his first day of freedom. The court previously heard Tipping searched for the online chat services Grindr and AirG, and accessed AirG between October 8 and 11.

The Supreme Court on Monday granted Tipping’s release after shutting down an application by attorney-general Vickie Chapman to enforce a continuing detention order. It is the second such application by Chapman to be rejected by the court. The serial paedophile is expected to be released in the coming week.

Justice Kevin Nicholson said while Tipping plainly remained a person who required close and frequent supervision, he had not committed a further offence with his latest behaviour. Justice Nicholson said he expected

Tipping now had a keen understanding of the ‘fragility’ of his freedom and the importance of complying with the terms of his release.
‘I take the view that the respondent ought to be given another opportunity to comply with the ESO and to remain out of custody,’ he said.

So, Tipping will now “have a keen understanding of the fragility of his freedom?” Hmmm, he already knew that breaking his orders would get him locked back up and he did it anyway on day 1 of his freedom no less.

So at what point do we say that the Supreme court MUST be held accountable for their mistakes ? If you or I release a known vicious dog into a playground and it bites a child then we are the ones held accountable and rightfully so. Why then do the Supreme court get to make such incredibly poor decisions, despite the fact they know he has broken their parole conditions before (on day 1), and their own experts, who they hold in such high esteem, tell them that he WILL re-offend… with no consequences.

So much responsibility and power with absolutely no consequences for getting it wrong, and when getting it wrong means young lives destroyed….Our children’s safety must be the priority.

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