“[           ] FROWN!”MYSTIC POET 💥

“[ ] FROWN!” a poem April 9, 2019 (2’s Day)

When [ ] has a frown, The World MUST stop,
and please re-consider, ’cause-her-salad’s A-FLOP!!

If she can’t get good salad, doing her diet,
She needs something else! Come-on-now, let’s-[all]-try-it:

Let’s all do THE [ ] FROWN! It’s-a-great-dance-sen-sa-tion,
Which they’re doing, oh, baby – all over The Nation!

You-just put-on-that-pout – and-do-a-“step”-o’-guacamole,
With some soggy, old lettuce* – and-have dressing that’s “HOLY!”**

OR! – you-get-another (pause) SALAD! Right quick,
Before The-World collapses! You-might-get-her: “CHOICE PICK,”

Get-her the finest darn salad that money can buy,
So [that] The-Most-Beautiful-Girl-In-The-World – won’t-continue to-cry!

NOW, [ ] is happy! The Kingdom? RENEWED!
And [ ] keeps her die-ta-tarit-al mood!

fin <3

* – Boyfriend or Husband? you’know, “salad fixin’s!”
** – low in calories!?