What was that ~

We like to censor pictures and things,

If weDon’tLikeYourPost, well, whenWeBlockIt, it brings,

Us happiness, (pause) 🙂

For, WeLikeTo control and judge,

[AndFromOurPositions weWill not budge.]

We’re The Social Media “Flibbertigibbets,”

And we’re filled with stuff which really inhibits,


Our ability to appreciate much at all.

And, if you don’t like it, well,


Did you say Opinion 🦹‍♀️💃🕺

And … we WON’T consider your point of view,

Because our opinion’s sacred!

From Tumblr, Facebook, et al:

Only cheep skats use Social Media for Dating Sites, stupid that or ain’t got any money 💵
Or love giving out Apple Gift Cards for a look? 🤣😅😂

“ByeBye to you.”

fin <3

  • – We will NOT answer gross, profane and unwieldy idiots, like you! As a matter of fact, YOUR LIFE should be censored. So there!
Wouldn’t that be a wonderful World 🌍
Isn’t this a wonderful world 🌎