Film Flam Man – President Trump

“FLIM FLAM MAN!” a poem in the series: “Mr. Hip (Trump) Goes to Town!” 07/16/19 – Tuesday

I wasn’t POSITIVELY sure what “flim flam” meant, so I checked the on-line definition!

Well, I-was-close! It means: “Insincere Talk,” and, if-a-person-has-the-right-disposition,

And the motives! and the confidence to: N O T TELL-IT THE WAY IT IS,

That person can be A FLIM FLAM MAN, doing well in politics – or Show-Biz!

Well, when I was growing up, we had “dictionary books,”

That told us about the words – AND – gave us “the-looks,”

Of-whatever-was-being there-defined,

To, perhaps, help “set-it” – in the mind! (pause)

Now, let’s just look-into-the-past, under “flim-flam-man,”

And bring-things-up-to-the-present-time! Well, you-know, I am,

Almost-sure-[that] President Trump’s picture would be portrayed there,

A-smiling a foxy smile, with his full head of hair!

When, before-elections, Donald calls me on the phone,

To ask me for support, we might get-ourselves-alone,

And-he’ll-say: “J-Jay, let’s agree to dis-agree!

I need your vote! Please, Good-Poet – vote for ME!”

Well, of-course, I could do THAT! or, maybe, THIS-or-THAT,

But, if-I-had-presence-of-mind, I’d-smile where-we’re-at,

Maybe at a coffee shop! in-his office! or-at-a-zoo!

So, I’ll be-smiling, but-thinking: “NO WAY I’ll vote for you!”

Of course, Trump might pick up on this – and-later-he might send,

BRAIN-WASHERS to my house, so to get my mind to bend,

Toward HIS way of thinking – They’ll-maybe-try electric shock & drugs,

Along-with water-torture some-big-bribes – and little earwick bugs!

But: SURPRISE! It won’t work! ’cause no matter how much torture and pain,

Is-inflicted, I CAN’T-be-moved! (for, after-3 1/2-yrs. of this) (1) I’m quite insane;

Or (2) I’ve simply, completely LOST MY BRAIN;

Or (3) I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain,

For-my confidence-in-Trump – left-on the-last-train;

Or (4) Maybe -I’ve-just-become: PERMANENTLY PLAIN(e)!*

fin <3

  • – Back in the 1960’s there were Beatnik Coffee Houses, where folks just sat around, drinking coffee, reciting poetry, discussing politics and reading! These days a person could similarly spend almost all their time at a coffee shop, like Plaine Coffee, here in Alpine, Texas, on Holland Avenue! ** – P- L – A – I -N – E is an anagram, taken from A – L – P – I – N – E!

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