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FEATURED: Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award — these ones were shortlisted ending soon ……

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Ace Press News From Cutting Room Floor: Published: Dec.01: 2022:

#AceNewsDesk – From the frosty mountain tops of northern India to deep inside the lush rainforests of Uganda, you’ll find creatures of all shapes, sizes and colours lurking about.

A snow leopard stands on top of a mountain covered in snow as the sun sets in the background
Against a backdrop of the spectacular mountains of Ladakh in northern India, Sascha captures a snow leopard posing. (Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Sascha Fonseca)none

Online voting has opened and ends on February 2, 2023.

These images for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award show just that. 

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is developed and produced by the Natural History Museum, London.

This year, the prestigious competition attracted 38,575 entries from 93 countries.

Out of them, just 25 were shortlisted. 

And, rather than have them be judged by a panel, the museum has placed the competition in the hands of the public.

Good luck picking a favourite from these shortlisted entries.

A golden huddle by Minqiang Lu, China

Three orange and brown coloured monkeys sitting in a tree as it snows around them
The golden snub-nosed monkey is an endangered species and is confined to central China. (Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Minqiang Lu)none

COVID litter by Auke-Florian Hiemstra, Netherlands

A young perch was found trapped in the thumb of this surgical glove discarded in a canal in The Netherlands.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Auke-Florian Hiemstra)none

Fishing for glass eels by Eladio Fernandez, Dominican Republic

Eladio set out to highlight the plight of the endangered American eel.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Eladio Fernandez)none

Coastline wolf by Bertie Gregory, UK

Bertie spotted this female grey wolf in Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Bertie Gregory)none

The elusive golden cat by Sebastian Kennerknecht, USA

Sebastian captured this rare African golden cat in Uganda’s Kibale National Park.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Sebastian Kennerknecht)none

Fox affection by Brittany Crossman, Canada

Brittany captured this pair of red foxes on Prince Edward Island, Canada.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Brittany Crossman)none

Wasp attack by Roberto Garcia-Roa, Spain 

A frenzied combat between a pompilid wasp and a ornate Ctenus spider.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Roberto García-Roa)none

Heads or tails? by Jodi Frediani, USA

Jodi captured these dolphins in Monterey Bay, California.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Jodi Frediani)none

Portrait of Olobor by Marina Cano, Spain

It was late afternoon when Marina found Olobor resting.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Marina Cano)none

The frog with the ruby eyes by Jamie Culebras, Spain

Jamie says these frogs are confident around humans.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Jaime Culebras)none

Head to head by Miquel Angel Artús Illana, Spain

The spectacle of two female muskoxen attacking each other.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Miquel Angel Artús Illana)none

Snowshoe hare stare by Deena Sveinsson, USA

Deena was snowshoeing deep in the forests of the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Deena Sveinsson)none

Caribbean crèche by Claudio Contreras Koob, Mexico

Claudio was lying down on the mud a safe distance from a breeding colony of flamingos.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Claudio Contreras Koob)none

Red and yellow by Chloé Bès, France

Focusing on one bird, Chloé composed a minimalist portrait, highlighting the eye and the beak. (Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Chloé Bès)none

A fox’s tale by Simon Withyman, UK

Simon wanted this photograph to raise awareness of the harm humans can cause to wildlife.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Simon Withyman)none

Holding on by Igor Altuna, Spain

A leopardess killed a Kinda baboon in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Igor Altuna)none

A tight grip by Nicholas More, UK

Nicholas captured this Bargibant’s seahorse off the coast of Bali.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Nicholas More)none

World of the snow leopard by Sascha Fonseca, Germany 

Against a backdrop of the spectacular mountains of Ladakh in northern India, Sascha captures a snow leopard posing. (Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Sascha Fonseca)none

Caught by the cat by Michał Michlewicz, Poland

Michał noticed a lot of animals were visiting this abandoned barn in Radolinek, Poland. (Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Michał Michlewicz)none

Among the flowers by Martin Gregus, Canada

Martin watched this polar bear cub playing in a mass of fireweed on the coast of Hudson Bay, Canada.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Martin Gregus)none

That’s the spot! By Richard Flack, South Africa

Richard discovered a flock of crested guineafowl.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Richard Flack)none

Hyena highway by Sam Rowley, UK

Sam captured this spotted hyena in Harar, Ethiopia.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Sam Rowley)none

Life and art by Eduardo Blanco Mendizabal, Spain

In his hometown of Corella in northern Spain, Eduardo came across this grafitti cat.(Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Eduardo Blanco Mendizabal)none

Unlucky for the cat by Sebastian Kennerknecht, USA

A stuffed cat skin hangs in a shed in Andes, Argentina. (Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Sebastian Kennerknecht)none

Night encounter by Sami Vartiainen, Finland

Sami spotted this badger close to its sett in a forest near Helsinki, Finland. (Supplied: Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Sami Vartiainen)none


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