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FEATURED SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCH GROUP REPORT: Deepfake ‘news anchors’ appear in pro-China footage

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Ace Press News From Cutting Room Floor: Published: Feb.08: 2023:

#AceNewsDesk – Chinese state-aligned actors are using AI-generated deepfake news broadcasters to peddle pro-China propaganda videos for social media platforms, a new research report claims according to AFP News Agency

Two deepfake news presenters - one male and one female.
Research firm Graphika said these two presenters for Wolf News are deepfakes created by pro-China groups.(Supplied: Graphika)none

The fake anchors – for a fictitious news outlet called Wolf News – were created by artificial intelligence software and appeared in footage on social media that seemed to promote the interests of the Chinese Communist Party, US-based research firm Graphika said in its report.

“This is the first time we’ve seen a state-aligned operation use AI-generated video footage of a fictitious person to create deceptive political content,” Jack Stubbs, vice president of intelligence at Graphika, told AFP.

In one video analysed by Graphika, a fictitious male anchor who calls himself Alex critiques US inaction over gun violence plaguing the country.

In the second, a female anchor stresses the importance of “great power cooperation” between China and the United States.

Advancements in AI have stoked global alarm over the technology’s potential for disinformation and misuse, with deepfake images created out of thin air and people shown mouthing things they never said.

Global fight against deepfakes Nations and international police agencies are fighting back as realistic fake videos created by artificial intelligence erode public trust in information.

Last year, Facebook owner Meta said it took down a deepfake video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urging citizens to lay down their weapons and surrender to Russia.

There was no immediate comment from China on Graphika’s report, which comes just weeks after Beijing adopted expansive rules to regulate deepfakes.

China enforced new rules last month that will require businesses offering deepfake services to obtain the real identities of their users.

They also require deepfake content to be appropriately tagged to avoid “any confusion”.

The Chinese government has warned that deepfakes present a “danger to national security and social stability”.

Graphika’s report said the two Wolf News anchors were almost certainly created using technology provided by the London-based AI start-up Synthesia.

The website of Synthesia, which did not immediately respond to AFP’s request for comment, advertises software for creating deepfake avatars “based on video footage of real actors”.

Graphika said it discovered the deepfakes on platforms including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube while tracking pro-China disinformation operations known as “spamouflage”.

“Spamouflage is a pro-Chinese influence operation that predominantly amplifies low-quality political spam videos,” Mr Stubbs said.

“Despite using some sophisticated technology, these latest videos are much the same.

“This shows the limitations of using deepfakes in influence operations — they are just one tool in an increasingly advanced toolbox.”

Graphika said identified videos were low quality and “spammy”, and that none of them had received more than 300 views.

It said this reflected “this actor’s long-standing challenges in producing convincing political content that generates authentic online engagement”.


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