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FEATURED: META Tests Integration Tool For Facebook & Instagram Collaboration

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#AceNewsDesk – META Report: Today, we’re introducing new features that will make it easier for people on Facebook and Instagram to access, create and navigate between multiple accounts and profiles.


UI for Accounts Center

We know that many people use more than one of our apps to pursue different interests, reach a broader audience or share different aspects of who they are with different groups of people. With that in mind, we’re simplifying the process of creating and switching between accounts and profiles.

Easily Switch Between Facebook and Instagram

First, we’re introducing a new profile-switching interface that will make it easier to stay on top of notifications and navigate between Facebook and Instagram.

The user interface on Facebook and Instagram to switch between accounts.

People will be able to easily switch between their Facebook and Instagram profiles if they’ve added them to the same Accounts Center. Additionally, people can now see their Facebook and Instagram profiles in one place. Notifications will also be conveniently displayed for each profile, making it easier to stay up to date on activity across Facebook and Instagram.

We’re testing this new experience globally on iOS, Android and web.

Quickly Create New Accounts and Profiles

We’re also introducing a new account registration and login flow that will enable people to more easily log in and create new accounts across Facebook and Instagram.

The user interface to log into Facebook and Instagram accounts.
The user interface to log into Facebook and Instagram accounts.

People new to our products can create a Facebook or Instagram account, and then use that account to sign up for additional ones. And people who have both a Facebook and an Instagram account can now easily use login information from one app to access the other, as long as their accounts are in the same Accounts Center.

We’re testing this new experience globally on iOS and Android.

Building With Safety in Mind

Each of these new features uses the Meta brand to make it clear and easy to understand that you are interacting with a feature that works across more than one Meta technology, and to make the process as streamlined as possible.

As always, account security and privacy are top of mind for us, and existing security features will still apply to the updates we are announcing today. For example, if someone turns on two-factor authentication for their Facebook account, then an unrecognized device can’t log into their Facebook account with their Instagram login information.

Additionally, people will be notified when a new account is created using their existing account and when an account is added to their Accounts Center, so you can confidently stay up to date on activity across all of your accounts. Finally, people can manage which profile appears in the profile-switching experience, and which accounts can log into each other.

While these changes are currently limited to Facebook and Instagram, we’ll continue to explore how to improve cross-app features across all of our technologies.

Meta is testing two features that integrate Facebook and Instagram more closely together. On Monday, the company began rolling out a new interface on Android, iOS and on the web for switching between accounts

Meta Accounts Center

Provided you’ve added your Facebook and Instagram credentials to the same Accounts Center, you can use the feature to switch between the two apps without navigating to your phone’s home screen, multitasking menu or app drawer.

The new interface flow for creating Facebook and Instagram accounts

The interface also allows you to see a count of all your notifications in one place.

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