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The fake western freedom🌹

Posted on  by Sohair

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I want to tell you my opinion around Will Smith’ s reactions in the Oscar ball… 
Western people do Not know what is freedom…. 
I think also that many Western people suffer from a contradiction about Freedom… 
When the interviewer called Chris (a comedian actor) began to mock the hair of Will Smith’s wife.. Will Smith felt angry..
He physically hurt Chris by hitting him on his Face..
Then he began to insult him…
Where is the Western fake freedom here…. 
Will Smith felt hurt Because he loves his wife.. And Chris’s joke was silly…..As the lady was suffering from a disease that Caused her hair loss… 
When some impolite painters from the west drew bad pictures about Prophet Mohammad.. Moslems felt hurt all over the world as we love Prophet Mohamad So much… 
What did the Western say???? 
They said ( you Muslims should be used to freedom.. We will continue to insult your Prophet Because this is freedom)
Yesterday after Will Smith hit Chris.. Will Smith was given a prize and all the people in the party sympathyzied with him… 
They did Not say this is freedom and you should Not be angry…. 
The Western people suffer from a contradiction
In the Western schools freedom should be taught to students to KNOW the Difference between freedom and being rude… 
Of course there are some Western people who are moderate and fair.. But sadly they are just a few people…. 

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