Do we understand what it is to have ‘ Faith ‘ as I ask because it took many a year after all that took place in my life to realise you never lose it – it’s just hidden by God to protect us

People say l have faith in ‘ God ‘ l never agree or disagree that is their decision or opinion but strange thing is when you say – That’s good or everyone to their own opinion they want you to agree with their decision ‘ Right Or Wrong ‘ and when you do not they start to ‘ Question ‘ you not themselves

Now l have faith and l believe in God my faith is the ‘ Lock ‘ and my Belief is the ‘ Key ‘ as one gives me knowledge and the other locks in that knowledge so l can use it to help people in need of guidance who l call ‘ Poor In ❤️❤️ and there are a few

What l mean is simple but l learned through many years and today ‘ l Give You The Way ‘ to find this ‘ Peace in Your ❤️❤️ and to truly have the ‘ Faith ‘ and that lock to keep you safe and protected always – this is that l say unto you ‘ Belief in You ‘ not that person others made you or you became but simply You and then by believing in You have the first part of that ‘ Faith ‘ that may have alluded you for many years

You see that ‘ Faith ‘ or lack of ‘ Faith ‘ in others you meet and in so doing it will ‘ Light The Way In You ‘ and this ‘ Light ‘ or ‘ Path ‘ as that is what you are now on will lead you closer and closer to God in Your ❤️❤️ daily – eventually you will then start – l say start to ‘Belief In Yourself ‘ that person You are becoming and then one day you will have the ‘ Lock & Key ‘ to Your life