Dennis Heape well there you go. Its sad but true. I think we should blame our selves too. By installing MESSENGER we leave ourselves open to PREDATORS for their perverted joy. The porn sent on MESSENGER is aimed as a shock feature to damage brains. This is sexual deviation to harm both men and women. I am so sorry to all WONDERFUL FOLK on my FACEBOOK that today I will be deleting my Facebook MESSENGER permanently. Anyway I had thought about this a lot lately and had to weigh up my thoughts regarding my decision to have to be kind to myself. I really enjoy the lovely folk who I will never see. And to my past associates who send sweet little picture. I like open communication anyone with all. I love to laugh and smile. All folk need open communication on Facebook. FACEBOOK is also makes partnerships break down between couples always stirring up jealousy destroying trust between folk. It’s not necessary to be sneaky underhanded in any marriage of committed relationships. If folk are genuinely committed do not install Apps like MESSENGER. Be open, be kind and always remember Facebook is only interested in stealing your information to sell on to Advertising Companies and in some instances to unsavory hackers. I will add an email address for inquires. All my thoughts, graphics plus blogs’ are open source information. Thank you, Dennis for your comments. Be safe. Mental stress is Abuse. 🌼🌞⚡PEACE ~ tangooo480@gmail.com

The above except above mentioned was placed on my FACEBOOK wall today with a comment made by Dennis condemning these predators on Facebook or any Social Medias.
My response to Dennis was regarding his concerns to.
I hope others take note and delete messenger as a very dark app.
Marriage, partnerships are destroyed by ether or sometimes inconvenience of intrusion into private lives do either tempt others to jump fences losing their dignity, RESPECT and money.
Once you caught in a web of deception and deceit, guilt breakdown are so common. Yes, you may be forgiven but the saddest of all you may never be trusted in any relationship between the once sacred union built between couples. Family breakdowns ensure. Save yourself from this necessary hurt. PEACE

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