Face time ~

“I NEED YOUR FACE!” a poem, for Friday, August 30, 2019 a.k.a.: “There’s Just Something About A Face You Love!”

Maybe it’s the eyes, Windows to some Divine Source?

But I don’t know! I really don’t know, but – in your face, there’s force,

To captivate – and soothe and excite,

And make my existence feel all right!

I adore your eyes – and your nose, with nostrils flared;

Your eyes can close so tightly! Of course, who really ever dared,

To stare too long, for fear of being LOST,

IN LOVE, but – it-is surely “at any cost,”

That I must act, when I become a-gi-tated,

And call: “I-MUST see-your-face! How long I’ve waited!”

I think I’ve waited all my life – to find you, find you “here,”

And I-need to-play catch-up, after all the terrible fear,

Which I’ve spent, not knowing why!

It was: I was so scared (that) I would fail-to-find “your-eye!”

Plus-this: I could only imagine the curves of your lips,

Your rosy cheeks – and the splendid dips,

In your-dimples, which I-might-image as-you-gently-smile!

I can-take a mental picture, but all the while,

Every feature changes, yet still I want more,

With-my-tongue here-and-there, licking every pore!

Others will look on – with disgust and ridicule,

Saying (that) “My Fantasy with Your Face” just-shows-I’m a bloody fool!

Yes, I suppose, but THERE’S SOMETHING, and it makes me crazy,

Yearning to see your face ONCE AGAIN (pause)

[“When I’m-not staring, it-gets just-slightly hazy!”]

fin ♥

By ace101

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