Devotion  – on a grand scale, oh my, goodness gracious me </strong>😃

Devotion – on a grand scale, oh my, goodness gracious me 😃

“DEVOTION?” a poem June 12, 2019 (Wednesday)

“That man is-SO-devoted, (pause) wonderfully-to-his-wife;

Look-at-him? Cooing! Oo-ing! oog-ling! -away-His-life!

SHE’s-The-Center-of-His-Attention! Be-more-like-that-way, Stan-ley?”

“The-guy-is-obviously-‘faking-it!’ He-must-be, he’s-not man-ly!”

So, the lovely, attention-filled-wife did-ask, of-her-drooling-man:

“ARE YOU FAKING IT, HONEY?” “Of-course, Sugar; obviously-I-AM!

You-caught-me; YOU, you-caught-me! You-are-SO-very-clever!

Yeah! I’m-faking; Just-grabbing! at-your-attention-lever!” (pause)

“Gosh-you’re-pretty!“ and, then-another jealous-husband-said:

“See, he’s-just-a-faker! The-faker should-be-dead!”

“Even if he’s not devoted, he-invests-HER-with-such-attention,

ALL THE TIME! So, IF-he’s-faking, I-think-I’d-like-to-mention,

That-he-is-’wasting’-his-life-With LOVE! and-a-sweet-de-votion! (pause, to sigh)

Why-can’t-YOU-be-more-like-that? and-create-some-real-emotion!?”

“I’m-faking, faking! and-I’m-faDing, so-in-love-I-AM-with-YOU!


You’re SO sweet and always pretty!” “FAKER!” the-other-men cried!

“We-were-so-sure,” said The Wives; “how-could-he-really-have-lied!”

“I adore-you,need-you! Please-be-mine!” “Yeah, he’s probably gay!“

“FOREVER!” (pause) “Your-eyes-are-like-pools, reflecting-the-moonlight-ray!”

“THAT’S IT!” So, the husbands shot him, and, sadly, we-think-he-died,

But, before he “left,” with-sincerity: “I’m sorry, but I lied!

I lied! I DO-a-LOVE YOU! I lied, like Tricky Dick;*

I love-YOU-MUCH, my One-&-Only! Such love! It-makes-me-sick!”

So, HE DIED, saying: “I [DO] love you!” and “Honey, I wasn’t faking!”

And all the women cried aloud; their longing hearts were aching!

“WE KNEW IT!” said-the-tearful, unhappy, love-starved-wives;

“You evil husbands! You-killed-HIM and-shattered-their-sweet-lives!

Next day, they-all-went-to-the-funeral! It-seemed-sad-ly a-brupt!

But, when-the-eulogy-came [that’s right!] THE FAKER SAT RIGHT UP,

And-said: “Well, I-WAS-faking-my-death, but I’m-really-not-so-dead!

[He looked at his beloved wife!] “Darling, I DO [love you],” repeatedly, he said!

So, all the husbands with evil intent -WERE SENT AWAY TO JAIL,

And – the-only-man-left-standing-in-town was-this sorta-faking-male!

No problem! THEY ALL-BECAME-MORMON – and-livethed-happily-ever-after!


“I LOVE YOU!” Say-IT! from-The-Tallest-Tree or-a-sturdy-rafter,

& women will FLOCK-to-you like [a] dove[s] to our Lord-&-Savior Christ Je-sus!


His-wives-say: “He-likes-to-please-us!”

fin <3

  • – a former U. S. President, known for an occasional “mis-statement[s]!”
How simply love – erley 😃😂
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