Depression ~ “Big D” Make D your Friend 😁

SUNDAY: (originally written on) 04/08/2019

“MONSTERS NEED LOVE TOO.” a poem Posted: January 5, 2020 (Sunday)

“We ALL have a monster in us, lurking, scowling, wanting to frighten everything.

Surely, the monster is NOT exactly you or me, but just a frightening part of each of us that we (might) want to obscure, so as not to scare ourselves or others TOO MUCH.”

The Mystic Poet.

I like to make friends with those monsters,

That lurk in the “unconscious me;”

I like to observe how they act, and I think they might some how just be.

JustBig, sinister looking things, that with love and time will be pets.

A big, hairy monster BEFRIENDED will simply lick faces


(Sort of) Happy, knowing (s)he’sAccepted, just as (s)heISandHasLove.

MONSTERS are also part of The Divine;

MaybeGuardians. from? up “Above,”

Who are here not (so much) to be feared,

But toBe accepted &, of course, utilized,

Since they have great power (and charm),

EvenThough someOfThem are “SUPER SIZED.”

So, let’s “integrate” some monsters, and I betWe’llAllHave a greatDay,

Playing with monsters and angels and (other) things,

That we might find a long the way.

fin β™₯

Limerick: “REMEMBER”

So, tryANDremember to liveAsNaturalAsYouCan / Be as nice as possible to your fellow man / Yes, just beAlittleNice / Make friends with “your lice” / & inThisWay, you’llBe your own fan.


By ace101

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