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“A DENTAL CONCLUSION!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Another Day In Paradise; Ain’t That Nice?” a.k.a.: “Isn’t Artificial Better Than The Standard?” July 30, 2019 (Tuesday)

Dentists, like Doctors, are, of course, NOT “bad eggs,”

But they’re “programmed,” like us all – to acquire riches, NOT rags,

So, they study-a-lot, becoming-“pro-fessional,” expecting their rewo(h)rd,

With “thriving businesses!” but, can-you-really afford,

To-go-THROUGHOUT-YOUR-LIFE – to a real, “dental surgeon,”

Until ALL your “real” tooth material – is finished emergin’?

The thing-is, IF you start down “The Road – of Dental Ex-cellence,”

Over time, the disappearance of your teeth will be immense,

For – there’s ALWAYS A SHADOW of a little decay,

That will be found each visit, and surely it’s OK,

To-take just-a-LITTLE “compromised” enamel EACH TIME,

And replace it with some “man-made” stuff; it’s-surely-no-crime,

To, at-the-end-of-your-life, be left with no natural tooth material remaining!

SMILE PRETTY! We can just – ALL-be-“JAWS”* in training!

“Don’t you want-to have a NICE smile?” the dentist will ask of you,

“Consequences-from-RE-ACTION? Minimal!” Plus, you won’t win if you sue,

For the causes-and-effects of these things – are super hard to prove!

Besides! The-ADA-&-AMA-&-ABA-are-licensed-and-regulated, (pause)

And, with governments -they-all-like-to-“groove,”

For, dentists-and-doctors-and-lawyers-ARE-NEEDED?! in fine cultures like ours;

They act in “good conscience!” Such folks you just CAN’T put behind bars,

UNLESS-they-REALLY-“mess-up,” like-if-they-leave-a-sponge-in-your-brain,

Or – drill a hole through your eye! or – DON’T ACT “TAME!”

PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE!? “Pillars” of so-ciety,

“NECESSARY EVILS?” in The Land of The Free,

And – The Home(s) of The Rich, the Home(s) of The Brave!

The World supports ITS OWN: Pharisees! Witch Doctors! Rulers!

They ALL sure like to rave!

OF COURSE, this AIN’T NO criticism – Professions, Law Enforcement and LIFE GENERALLY, you know it’s ALL such a good deal,

For, as Groucho** said: “Where else are you gonna get a GOOD MEAL?”***

fin β™₯

  • – a (wo)man willing to have all “natural teeth” replaced with stainless steel “chompers!”

** – Marx! a comedian! and “realist?”

*** – With “added sugar,” so your teeth can rot out so you can go to The Dentist or Doctor, so you can get worked on So you sue then for malpractice by over-paying a “claims lawyer” and-then “lose,” at which point you go to Church to pray to God for help and discover there is NO GOD – or Supreme Court that is responsive to anyone’s “practical needs!” That’s right, Sports Fans! It’s ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE!


By ace101

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