Cpt. JACK SPARROW ~ be safe from the Pirates of the Carribean ⚜️⚜️⚜️

Good morning friends
Keep yourself safe

For the benefit of the population
I am in self-control –
It has been in days
I’m my own no joke…
Sitting for no reason,
No charges.
I did not write any confession!
Didn’t think of crimes!
The judge did not beat me,
I was going to the square.
I wasn’t in a drunk fight,
I don’t drink wine and brothers.
And there are no such decree,
So that you should be free…
It’s all because of the disease
With the crown less than a prayer.
From these parasites
The cells are running
And the organs are in danger
From viral eyes.
It was a surprise
And it’s not about the vaccinations,
Without any battle
To die in a pencil.
… For now the worms of the papyrus
In the sweat, to the eye of the eye.
A coronavirus ran away
From shock, before the date.