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The word is Corrupted and Absolute Corruption is Corruptible that is for Me how l was in the the world in Me before God came to Save Me that is how My story goes from the second God entered My Heart & Life it all changed in Me ……

So what do l mean by ‘ The Word is Corrupted ‘ well in Me it’s all about the Mind that corrupts the body then the heart and eventually the soul and that took Me off the ‘ Path of Righteousness For His Name Sake Jesus (Iesu) ‘ into the thicket of thorns and l was lost like a lamb from the sheep and God found Me wanting for ‘ Love ‘ and he ‘ Spreadest a Table in Sight of my Enemies ‘ l was ‘ Fed & Watered By His Almighty Hand ‘ and he brought Me up like a ‘ Spring from Out of the Ground ‘ and it flowed in Me like a ‘ Light & Healed Me ‘ l was lost and now l am found as in Me in You will be found as God wanted You to be thereafter and it will be so ………..

So as My Corruption of ‘ The Word of God ‘ was washed away l cleansed and felt anew and became like a ‘ Sounding Brass ‘ full of ‘ Love & Grace ‘ and it was in Me as it will be in You and it is written so shall it be …….

No longer full of Good – Bad & Indifferent but full of ‘ Care & Sharing ‘ for all My people and it is so as l grew in Me l was given an Understanding that became a ‘ Wisdom of Truth ‘ no longer ‘ Right or Wrong ‘ but there was no question so it must be ‘ The Path of God ‘ and today l say as we move closer to the ‘ Holy Birth On Earth ‘ in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth ‘ All That l Am l Thank God Daily In 🙏🙏


By ace101

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