Control Freak

Control Freak

“CAN’T BE!” a poem a.k.a.: “I Ain’t A Control Freak!” May 3, 2019 (Friday)

“It-can’t-be-so, can-it? Oh, no! No, no, no!
For-I’m not-aware-of-it! and-that-fills-me-with-woe!
And-I’m-sure-I-know-everything under-The-Sun!
I’m-sure-IT-CAN’T-BE! Else, my-life’s-not-so-fun!
For, if I do THINK – something’s ALL-RIGHT-by-me,
I’m-sure, I’m-sure-EVERY-ONE should-surely-agree!
I’m-“The-Center of This Universe,” so-I’m on-top o’-things!
From-my-conclusions – and-deductions, SACRED-NESS RINGS!”

Ever-know some-one-like-this? How-’bout-your-self,
All-the-conclusions-we-jump-to, like-some greedy, old-elf!
Even-the-smartest – and-wisest(?) fall in[to] this trap!
We’re-beyond “self absorbed,” and there-is a BIG GAP,
Between what-IS the-case – and-our-thoughts-how-things-are!
Why-do-you-think so-many [people] head-to-The-Bar?!
Well, they-need-to-establish – a confident state,
To-believe-that-their-judgments are-just-short-of-GREAT!

“So, if X-doesn’t-come-NOW, X-must-not-like-ME!
I gave an invitation – Wasn’t-it-SPURNED? so-rude-ly!?
IF X-doesn’t-apologize – pretty-quickly, then-I,
Will-NEVER-speak-to-X-again! You needn’t ask why!
X just better SHAPE UP, according-to-notions I-hold,
And Y (also) has-failed [to-visit] me, so-IF Truth-it-be-told,
Y-is-being-rude, just-like-X, who-got-my-invite!?
To Hell with them both! Me? I’m-never up-tight!”

What’s-“RUDE” and what’s not, you’ll-probably-find,
Is just about – what’s-going-on – in your BEAUTIFUL MIND!?
And most folks, I think, once-there’s-“half-a-routine,”
Think – IF anyone breaks it – THEY-ARE ALMOST OBSCENE!
Once you establish a pattern or two,
Without-A-SUPER-good-reason – to a-d-just-The-Lever.
We all want things certain – predictable. with-order!
“Make OUR ORDER the same, or-you’re-on-THE-LINE of-THE-BORDER,
Yeah, The Border Line, Baby? You just step OVER HERE!
And-keep-things-as-I-LIKE-‘EM! or I-won’t-call-you-DEAR!”
fin <3

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