Global Warming & Climate Change

Climate change in the countries of the South is not tomorrow, it’s now.🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

Climate change in the countries of the South is not tomorrow, it’s now.

And the famine it produces is already costing thousands of lives, in northern Kenya, Madagascar, Somalia, and throughout the Sahel, even if Africa is the least polluting continent and the one whose share of responsibility is the least important!
The dependence of rich countries on fossil fuels is killing our people, but the leaders ignore the scale of the crisis. They have consciously decided not to keep their innumerable promises, in particular by refusing to pay the 100 billion annual dollars planned from 2009 to 2020 to finance responses to climate and environmental change.

A Sahelian country mainly focused on agriculture, livestock, and fishing, Mali remains deeply concerned about climate change, which is one of the major challenges for the survival and development of humanity. Indeed, my country is experiencing the full effects of climate change, characterized by the advance of desertification, given the deforestation caused by Western and Chinese multinationals and its impact on flora and fauna.
drying and removal of
our rivers and streams, rising heat levels, floods, variability in rainfall, declining agricultural production, famine, and rural exodus are the bed of the terrorist threat.

Therefore, I would like to reaffirm my commitment to the urgent implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

NB: I have seen climate change disproportionately affect people in my community, my country, and the African continent. It is disastrous for agriculture, which is the key to our survival; our livelihoods are at risk, with everything being lost to floods, droughts, and heatwaves. Leaders: you have to wake up, you have to listen to the science and you have to deal with the climate emergency”.

Tell your government to declare a state of climate emergency. And take action.
Your silence makes you guilty.

Change is vital. We must be the last generation to claim our fundamental freedoms. We must be the last generation to demand our fundamental rights – to live, indignity, have access to education, etc. We must be the last generation to protest on these issues.

We are the first generation to feel the sting of environmental change, and we are the last generation to be able to do something about it.

What the so-called elites do not do for THE PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE will do it themselves!!
They will eventually understand!!

✍🏿By Fousseny Traoré, environmental activist and animal rights defender from Mali🇲🇱
West Africa

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