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Dec.10, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Its another day that UK have no real news to talk about but back to the BLAME GAME by anyone who can find a SNIPPET about an ALLEGED Christmas Party(ies) NOW but OPPOSITION PARTIES (Excuse The Pun) cannot WIN any ARGUMENT in Parliament so its SHOUTS of Sack PM sack EVERYONE who is Tory ( Sorry Conservative) ……………With a mock-up of Boris Johnson as the Grinch features on front page of the Sun accompanied by the headline “Do as I say… Not as I Christmas do” more soon folks ……

Metro 9 December 2021
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “taking the public for fools” declares the Metro. The paper says anger is growing over the party held at Downing Street before Christmas last year – as one aide seen joking about it in a leaked video quits her role. Metro says the tougher Plan B Covid curbs in England – including new mask rules and a work-from-home request – as a “hammer blow”.

One rule for them, new rules for the rest of us’ as distraught Allegra Stratton is pictured mid-resignation on the Daily Mail’s front page. Its headline is “one rule for them, new rules for the rest of us”. The paper describes a “turbulent day at Westminster” that saw the PM apologise for the offence caused by the video and trigger Plan B curbs in England – a move not expected before at least next week, it says.

Mr Johnson performed what the i paper describes as a “24-hour U-turn” over the harsher Plan B rules. It says Downing Street rushed forward the new curbs after outrage at the apparent rule-breaking party. There is a race between booster jabs and the Omicron virus variant, the paper adds, as it says a “dramatic escalation” in third doses is needed.

BBC News: Staff:

The UK is “braced for one million cases of Omicron” says the Times. It reports this is the context of the return to work-from-home request in England. The curbs could cost the economy ยฃ4bn a month, it adds. The paper also reports a “raucous” party was held in the basement of CCHQ last December when London was under tier two curbs banning indoor gatherings. A Conservative spokesman says four staff were disciplined over the “unauthorised social gathering”.

“Don’t go to work, but do go to parties,” is how the Daily Telegraph reports the new curbs in England. The paper says there was an “immediate backlash” over the rules – with one Tory MP shouting “resign” as Health Secretary Sajid Javid set them out for MPs. Meanwhile, Matt’s cartoon shows a party horn protruding from the No 10 letterbox.

“Do as I say, not as I Christmas do” the Sun says, around an image of Boris Johnson as the Grinch. The paper says it is “one rule for them… you can do as you please till you get found out”. The four rules for us involve enforced face masks, Covid passports, home working and Omicron contact tests, the Sun adds.

Mr Johnson triggered Plan B for England as the scandal over the Christmas party engulfed No 10, says the Guardian. The paper says the PM attempted to “calm the furore” over the claims by apologising. MPs will vote on the new measures for England next week with a substantial rebellion expected, the paper adds.

Anger is festering over claims there were several parties at Downing Street during lockdown, says the Financial Times. The paper says Mr Johnson “revealed sweeping new coronavirus restrictions” in a news conference. But Tory MPs are among those describing the announcement as a “diversionary tactic” to distract from the party scandal, the FT adds.


“Plan B for us.. Plan ‘lie, lie, lie’ for him” is the Daily Mirror’s headline. It quotes Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as asking if the public are right to think they have been taken for fools.

England’s Plan B is the “best chance” for a “close to normal” Christmas, says the Daily Express. The paper says the curbs are a bid to stop the spread of the Omicron variant.

The Daily Star invites readers to play an “exciting new board game… Cluebo” – a version of the murder mystery puzzle. It imagines Boris Johnson’s guess as being “everybody else, in the No 10 drawing room, with wine and nibbles”.

The new Covid measures – and the continuing row over the Downing Street party – are covered in depth in all of Thursday’s newspapers.

“Don’t go to work, but do go to parties” is the headline in the Daily Telegraph. The paper says Boris Johnson faced an immediate backlash from the Tory benches at what it calls the “irrational” new Covid rules for England. 

“Plan B for us. Plan lie, lie, lie for him” is the view of the Daily Mirror, which says the prime minister desperately tried to avoid taking the flak “for rule breaking parties at No 10” last winter. 

The Times reports that the government’s scientific advisors fear that “Plan C or D” might be needed after Christmas if infections are not slowed enough to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed.

The Daily Mail says Mr Johnson has been accused of fast-tracking the curbs to distract attention away from the Christmas party row. It looks at what it calls the “intense hunt” for the “mole” who leaked the video of Allegra Stratton. 

Photos of her tearful resignation feature on the paper’s front page. It takes the unusual step of dedicating a whole page to its leader column, where it says that while it is a “steadfast supporter of the Conservative Party” – it is “not unthinkingly loyal”. 

The paper says “enough is enough” – demanding that Boris Johnson get a grip on the No 10 operation as “scandals are happening all too frequently”.

The paper says there is “one rule for them” – you can do as you please until you get found out – but “four rules for us” – enforced face masks, vaccine passports, work from home if you can and Omicron Covid tests. 

The Daily Express quotes the prime minister as saying the new measures will provide the best chance for people to enjoy a “close to normal Christmas”. 

But the Metro says the “PM is taking the public for fools” – and is now facing growing calls to quit. 

And the Daily Star invites readers to play an “exciting new board game… Cluebo” – a version of the murder mystery puzzle. It imagines Boris Johnson’s guess as being: “everybody else, in the Number 10 drawing room, with wine and nibbles”.


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