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Christmas music from Australia

Title Composer / Lyricist Year published Notes
First Hymn for Christmas Day James Johnson 1840s Composed for Saint James Church, Van Diemen's Land[21]
Christmas Present Polka John Howson 1852 Cover Art show pioneer lady with pudding [22]
All my heart this night rejoices Charles Edward Horsley 1862 [23]
Hymn for Christmas-Day James Johnson 1862 [21]
Our Australian Christmas Song Ernesto Spagnoletti 1863 [24]
Christmas In Australia George Tolhurst 1864 Lyrics celebrate southern hemisphere summer christmas
Christmas Quadrille Richard Herz 1864 biography unknown - music printed in Melbourne [25]
Victorian Christmas Waltz Cesare Cutolo 1866 no lyrics[26]
Christmas Anthem Paolo Giorza 1870
Song Of The Angels Charles Sandys Packer 1883
Oh, lovely voices of the sky Alfred Pumpton 1890
Star of The East Augustus Juncker 1890 [27]
While all things were in quiet silence Henry John King 1899 Protestant school master - setting of Solomon 18:14 King James Bible
In The Cathedral George Savin De Chaneet 1900
Nine Christmas Carols Arthur Rivers (1857-1940) 1904 Sheet music sold eighteen thousand copies [28]
My Little Christmas Belle Joe Slater and Ward McAllister 1910 [29]
Australian Christmas Carol Joseph Summers 1908 Captures the sound of St Georges Perth Cathedral Bells
Yuletide Gavotte John Albert Delaney 1900
Star Of The East August Juncker 1910 [30]
Eleven Carols Massey, Arthur 1861-1940 1910 unclear if these tunes are original or arrangements of existing songs [31]
The Christmas story in carols Rivers, Arthur Richard 1857-1940 1912 [32]
Bush Christmas Carol Jessie Penfold 1912 Western Australian
A Christmas Hymn Joseph Furphy (Tom Collins) & Arthur Chanter 1914 [33]
The Night Of Fear Is Over Fritz Hart 1929
The North Wind (Christmas Day) William G James / John Wheeler 1948 AHB #246 / Together in Song #322
Hurrah For Father Christmas Christian Hellerman 1952