Chocolate Delights ~

“CHOCOLATE DOE*-N-AIR[E] S[C]ENT!” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Universal Call!” Monday, Aug. 5, 2019

Preface: The smell she has , is-it altogether chocolate!?

Even-if-The-World-might-end, I shall-not fear “[The]-Apocaly[p]t,”

For, I-smell-it-in her hair, And on-her-skin, so bare!**

I nuzzle and-I-nip-ple,

The-sweet, ambrosiac hip, PLE-

ASE-allow my willing nose –

To-penetrate-you close –

And in-hale very Deep -ly –

As you here do-gently sleep – Lei – (pause?)

Lani is her name, But HER-chocolate’s not the same,

As [they grow] on Kailua [ (Kona), an island] of [The] God – dess –

No, HER-Chocolate’s more-like lo(aw) tus,

And-seek to-get much Closer,

To-smell-her, yes-I-chose-HER,

Seeking Sweet Relief, while nestled in Her LEAF –

y Garlanded, flowing Hair, Grow-ing most-everywhere,

Saturated with-this-Scent-we-share, WE FLOAT, WITHOUT A CARE,

Because we two sim-ply must-be, –

Together in culin-a-ry,

Delight, imbibing ESSENCE,

In multifarious sessions,

Of making LOVE; we-cling,


To comfort us in life,

As husband and/or wife!

Yet, WAIT! There’s-one-more-scent,

Which you have gladly lent!

Oh, yes! (and, with a tear):

It’s-“BANANA!” Oh, my-DEER!*


For-it’s-“The Universal Call!”

fin β™₯

** . . . and it’s on her _ _ _ _ _ wear!

Chocolate delight

By ace101

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