Mustafa Kayirici will die behind bars after being given 38 years for the kidnapping and rape of a 13 year old girl.

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An ice addict who raped a schoolgirl for five hours is likely to die in jail after being sentenced for the heinous attack. Mustafa Kayirici, 30, embarked on a day of sick sexual sadism after luring the 13-year-old into his car on June 24, 2016.

On Friday, Downing District Court heard how he drove the teenager to an underground car park where he forced her to undress and made her watch pornographic videos. He told her she was going to get ‘raped one day or another,’ before making the girl perform sex acts, threatening her with knife when she refused.

He also forced the girl to make pornographic videos, making her say she was 16-years-old and consenting to the sick acts, the Parramatta Advertiser reported. The dumb criminal thought this would be enough to get him off the inevitable charges he would face for his sick crimes.

Kayirici then drove the teenager to a unit block basement and forced her to perform another series of sex acts. He even tried to get her to find another young girl to join them. The pair went to a supermarket together to buy duct tape and razors and the teenager tried to make eye contact with one of the staff members, the court heard. Kayirici then scolded the girl for trying to get him caught.

He then raped her repeatedly in his car before dumping her at Auburn train station. Kayirici gave the girl $5, apologised to her before threatening to release the videos he made if she told anyone.

‘If you tell anyone, I will release those videos,’ he said, the court was told.
‘How would you like it if your dad saw that … I can hold it against you.’ Typical emotional manipulation, standard paedophile coward playbook.

The teenager said in a victim impact statement that the girl sometimes felt she would be ‘better off dead’ and felt constant fear and humiliation due to the attack.On Friday, Kayirici was sentenced to 34 years in prison starting in September 2041 on Friday.

He is already serving 38 years for raping and robbing seven escorts that same year meaning that he would not be released until 2066. However the court was told that Kayirici, who has an incurable disease, was likely to die in prison after being given 12 months to live. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy in prison. If he survives, he wouldn’t be eligible to be released from prison until he is 76 years old.

Couldn’t happen to nicer guy, we can only hope Kayirici’s death will bring some sense of closure to his victims. This guy was the real deal and we at FACAA would like to applaud the judges for handing him down 2 38 year sentences !

Great to see a child rapist get the sentence they deserve !

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Please note: His race and religion had nothing to do with his crimes. Do not give him an excuse by saying he did this because of whatever. No excuses for child rape none ! Any racist or bigoted comments will be deleted without discussion. We at FACAA refuse to give child rapists an excuse.

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