Australian Fight Against Child Abuse 💥

Australian Fight Against Child Abuse

A “Father” has blamed his gambling addiction for sexually abusing his 3 daughters and was given just 6 months behind bars !

His youngest victim was only 5 years old !

A woman sexually abused by her own father confronted him with a simple question during an emotional sentencing in court: “Daddy, why did you do this to me, your little girl?” The 63-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, sat with his head down in the dock as one of his daughters spoke of the “life sentence” she received from his historic sexual abuse.

“You are able to go on and live a relatively normal life, meanwhile I was left picking up the pieces of the mess you created,” the woman said.

“You have given me a sentence too, a lifelong one filled with pain, anger, sadness, fear, self-loathing, distrust and hate.

“But the part that hurts the most is the loss of a father I’ll never have again.

“I’ll leave you with this question, one you may never be able to answer: Daddy, why did you do this to me, your little girl?”

The father pleaded guilty at Brisbane District Court on Wednesday to eight counts of indecent treatment of children under 14 years. The court was told the father sexually abused his three daughters, aged between 5 and 13 at the time, at the family’s Brisbane home between 1984 and 1989.
Details of the assaults were not revealed but crown prosecutor Bronwyn Currie said at least one assault involved digital penetration. Ms Currie said the offences were committed against the girls while their mother was on shift work.

Police initially investigated the abuse in 1991 after they complained but no arrests were made until 2017 when one of the women went back to police. Victim impact statements from the three daughters were read to the court, revealing their inner turmoil and ongoing health and trust issues the women had suffered since the offences.

One daughter revealed she could never fully trust her previous husband around her own children because of the abuse.

“He took away my innocence, dignity and self-worth as a person,” she told the court.

“Will I ever be able to move forward? I try to, every day.”

“Each and every day for the past 31 years, my father has had the freedom to live a happy life while my family has had to deal with the trauma he has caused.”

The father’s defence lawyer Joshua Jones said his client had not tried to minimise his actions and was remorseful for the hurt he had caused.

“He says he lost his moral compass and became addicted to gambling,” Mr Jones said.

The father has since re-engaged with his church and entered counselling. Mr Jones said the father had an extensive work history since 1972 and even had a job waiting for him when he was released from prison.

Judge Julie Dick said the man’s abuse had a tremendous effect on his daughters. She sentenced the father to three years’ jail but ordered the term be suspended for three years after serving six months behind bars.

Judge Dick, how can you possibly hand down such a pathetic sentence after saying that the abuse had such a tremendous effect on his victims (his own children) ? How can you literally slap those brave girls and every other child abuse survivor in the face ?

He sexually assaulted a 5 year old girl, his own daughter (speaking of which why was there not an incest charge added to these charges ?) and you give him 6 months behind bars ? Not even slightly fair !
Outside of court, his daughters expressed relief at the sentence but said he should have received a longer sentence.

This man is no father, he is barely a man ! (A)

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