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From day-to-day…

Stopping to take a minute for yourself is probably on the tippy end of your to-do list💁‍♀️

You’ll find yourself putting off moments of self-care
for later in the week…

Later in the month🙆‍♀️

And then finally realizing you have yet to enjoy a new book…

Or listen to your favorite podcast in quite some time🤦‍♀️

But even the most successful people like, authors,
and even our favorite stars…

All take time to practice self

And they’ve shared their thoughts on just how important it is to work on yourself…

Stop feeling guilty and get excited to take your own mini mental vacation😋

You are the one that needs it the most…

You can’t be your full potential if you are drained
and exhausted

Kindness & Wisdom

Marchelina Script Font

Marchelina Script is a beautiful and bold handwritten font with elegant strokes. This will easily turn any design idea into a standout. The hand-…

Marchelina Script Font
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Chalifor Dalsatic Font

Chalifor Dalsatic SVG FONT is a unique, cool, and modern handwritten font. The hand styled look makes it perfect to use in all your design projects …

Chalifor Dalsatic Font
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Can you give this cat with a moustache and goatee the quiet home she’s looking for?

Pavlova is one of a kind (Picture: RSPCA/Mega)A cat who has a purr-fect moustache is seeking a quiet forever home.  Stray cat Pavlova is covered in …

Can you give this cat with a moustache and goatee the quiet home she’s looking for?
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Ian McDonald, the founding member of King Crimson and Foreigner, has died

The multi-instrumentalist initially came blazing onto the scene with his saxophone on the opening cut of King Crimson’s first album, In the Court of …

Ian McDonald, the founding member of King Crimson and Foreigner, has died

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Beautiful Breathtaking Sunset In Lake Havasu Western Arizona

Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.

— Ralph Charell

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Glittery Font

Glittery is a stylish modern calligraphy font, displaying slick flair. It is perfect for branding, signatures, wedding invitations, promotions, …

Glittery Font
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‘Ace News Room U.K. Daily News Desk’

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Feb.09, 2022: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s some of the latest Newspaper Headlines: Well folks its been another day in the good olde Blighty and Boris Johnson is still on the ropes with everyone afraid of losing their job – either supporting him OR leaving ‘Good Ship Boris ‘ as many WANT to WIN the next election and he is their best bet ……meanwhile Stomper (sorry Starmer) and his Labourites WANT to provide everyone with EVERYTHING with MASSIVE borrowing OH and YES win the next election more soon

Metro front page
Several of Tuesday’s front pages lead on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer being surrounded by protesters on Monday evening. Many also give space to a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge sitting cross-legged on a blanket as she gets ready to read a story on CBeebies to mark Children’s Mental Health Week.

The i leads on the protesters surrounding Starmer, one of whom was heard to heckle “Jimmy Savile”. The paper said the incident prompted “fresh outcry” after Boris Johnson falsely claimed last week that Sir Keir failed to prosecute the serial sex offender. The paper adds the PM faces a crunch 48 hours, reporting that Tory whips have said MPs can be absent from the Commons this week “in an attempt to avoid a quick coup”.

The Guardian also leads on the protesters – adding that MPs from all sides “angrily rounded on Boris Johnson” after his original comments, accusing him of “whipping up political poison”. Mr Johnson said the behaviour directed at Sir Keir was “absolutely disgraceful”.

“This is why words matter… this is why the truth matters,” is how the Daily Mirror have headlined their version of the story, alongside a picture of the Labour leader surrounded outside Parliament. However, its main story is on warnings from a health minister that NHS waiting lists will get worse before they get better as hospitals struggle with the Covid backlog.

The Daily Mail carries the same photo of the Duchess of Cambridge, describing her as a “TV natural”. And it says the Queen’s son Charles will live at Buckingham Palace when he becomes King. Its main story is on draft internet laws requiring porn sites to stop children accessing harmful content through new age verification checks.

The Times leads on Boris Johnson warning Russia’s President Putin that invading Ukraine would only strengthen Nato – the military alliance which has expanded eastwards since the fall of the Soviet Union and which Mr Putin considers a security threat.

The Daily Express says the prime minister has insisted he has “absolutely” no doubts about Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s loyalty, as it says “tensions are brushed aside”.

The Daily Telegraph says six North Sea oil and gas fields are expected to be approved this year, as cabinet figures “push back against ‘insane’ demands to go further on net zero”. It says there are growing fears in the Treasury about the economic impact of making the UK a “net zero” carbon emitter by 2050.

The Financial Times says borrowing costs for southern Eurozone governments jumped close to pre-pandemic highs on Monday as investors adjusted to signs that the European Central Bank could raise interest rates this year in response to inflation.

The Sun leads on a story about Premier League footballer Kurt Zouma allegedly kicking his cat. West Ham’s Zouma told the paper it was “an isolated incident that will not happening again”, adding: “I want to apologise for my actions. There are no excuses for my behaviour, which I sincerely regret. I would like to assure everyone that our two cats are perfectly fine and healthy.”

The Daily Star splashes on a study which found an extra hour and a quarter of sleep each night can lead people to consume 270 fewer calories each day. “Finally! A weight-loss programme we support,” the paper says.

BBC News

Many papers lead on calls for Boris Johnson to apologise for comments made about Sir Keir Starmer, after protesters targeted the Labour leader outside Parliament.

The Times says six Conservatives were among MPs who linked the incident to the prime minister’s false claim, made in the Commons last week, that the Labour leader failed to prosecute serial sex offender Jimmy Savile.

“This is why words matter… this is why truth matters,” says the Daily Mirror.

A Labour source tells the Guardian that Mr Johnson “and his cabinet chose to lie down with dogs, and now the whole lot of them are covered in fleas”.

In an editorial, the Daily Express describes the protesters as “dangerous fools” who should be “taken to task for this affront to our democracy”.

According to the i newspaper, Conservative MPs have been told they can stay away from Parliament until Thursday when the Commons begins a 10-day recess. The paper says Mr Johnson believes he will get a fresh chance to reset his premiership if he manages to avoid a confidence vote before the recess.

An MP told the paper the government’s attitude had been reduced to “what do we have to do to get through to another day?”

Writing in the Times, the prime minister warns Russian President Vladimir Putin that he’ll make a “foolish mistake” if he invades Ukraine because it only strengthen Nato, and force the West to bring about much of what he seeks to prevent.

Mr Johnson also says he is prepared to send Typhoon fighter jets to Romania and Bulgaria and warships to the Black Sea. He vows that Britain’s support of Europe and Nato will remain “unconditional and immovable”.

The Daily Telegraph says the government is preparing to approve six North Sea gas and oil fields this year.

It says Chancellor Rishi Sunak has asked the business secretary to fast-track the licences because of concern in the Treasury about the economic impact of making the UK a net-zero carbon emitter by 2050.

A Whitehall source said North Sea resources were important – not only for jobs and tax revenue – but also for domestic energy security. 

Several papers, including the Daily Mail, highlight a study by the University of Chicago, which found that getting more sleep helps people reduce their calorie intake and lose weight.

The researchers followed 80 overweight individuals who received advice on how to improve their sleep.

By spending an extra hour in bed, they reduced calorie intake by 270 calories on average – the equivalent of three chocolate digestive biscuits.

A more radical method of losing weight features on the Telegraph’s front page and in the Times.

The papers say the NHS is to start prescribing weekly injections that suppress the appetite. Researchers say the jabs, called Wegovy, are almost as effective as weight-loss surgery.

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Existence is composed of simple and complex conflicts
that affect our daily lives to a lesser o greater extent…

Every single day of our lives💁‍♀️

Life challenges us…

Disturbing our peace with a new conflict🤦‍♀️

Numerous of them require no more than a simple solution…

Others require a more advanced solution 💥

And others require us to develop or discover a solution that is not found in any book…

Nonetheless, there is one simple rule that can help us
deal with our daily circumstances and that rule is:

“Forcing things is never the solution”

How many times in our lives do we seek to resolve a conflict🙆‍♀️

Repair something or change our current circumstances by forcing things…

How many times we applied force on something and the outcome we got was the opposite of what we expected🤔

For instance, many times in my life I have tried to fix something by using force…

And I ended up with the broken pieces of what I was looking to repair…

Various times I broke things, and I ended up with sorrow, disappointment, and anger when I applied force in different situations in my life🤷‍♀️

Therefore an important lesson I have learned through my life…

The experiences I had and many failed attempts👊

Is that forcing is not a solution…

But the cause of the irreparable destruction of something and the everlasting pain caused in our selves💁‍♀️

Therefore, the main rule we need to learn to deal with our conflicts and current circumstances successfully is knowing that if we need to force something…

We are doing it in the wrong way🙌

If we would like to have a positive outcome

We need to stop using our force and allow flow

Kindness & Wisdom


There is one vision that never fades from the soul, and that is the vision of mother and home. No man in all his weary wanderings ever goes out beyond the overshadowing arch of home. Let him stand on the surf-beaten coast of the Atlantic, or roam over western wilds, and every dash of the wave or murmur of the breeze will whisper home, sweet home! Let him down amid the glaciers of the north, and even their thoughts of home, too warm to be chilled by the eternal frosts, will float in upon him. Let him rove through the green, waving groves and over the sunny slopes of the south, and in the smile of the soft skies, and the kiss of the balmy breeze, the home will live again. Let prosperity reward his every exertion, and wealth and affluence bring round him all the luxury of the earth, yet in his marble palace will rise unforbidden the vision of his childhood’s home. Let misfortune overtake him; let poverty be his portion, and hunger presses him; still, in troubled dreams will his thoughts revert to his olden home.