Prayer 🌟

Prayer for Today:

“Heavenly Father, I want to see myself the way You see me. I don’t want to get my value from the culture I live in or the opinions of others. I want to know Your unconditional love in my heart so I can reflect it to others. Thank You that it isn’t my perfection, or the way I perform, that qualifies me in Your eyes. I accept Your unconditional love today”!

Amen 😔

‘Ace says …..its time for a news story that will never end as its the truth

Hello Friends, Followers & Readers …you have followed Ace Daily News everyday and hope you enjoyed all my posts …..

‘Ace says ……..its time for the truth with Kindness & Love’X❤️

Now for something new the title above says it all l am to become a dedicated researcher and news provider by rooting out news that tells us the real story ….but there’s more …….

These words inside people are like the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ in fragments and each person has a story to tell like the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John but only one part of each is the real truth …..but there’s more ………

So with the help of a few chosen people of the past l will provide the news about what people think, feel and as yet do not fully understand like the ‘The Word of God’ is amongst us but we comphended it not …..but there’s more ………..

This first story is the beginning of the end of the greatest story ever OR should l say never told because this was not the words or even the word spoken but the true meaning of what took place that both ended but has begun again ……but there’s more ……

One fateful day a man was crucified on a ‘Rugged Cross’ in a place called ‘Calvary’ but some say he died to save us all ….while others say he was ‘Murdered’ whoever or what ever is the truth he died ……but there’s more …………

Some say he rose again and descended into ‘Heaven’ but others say his body was stolen away the truth is its all in what we believe or are taught as children from the day we are born to believe …..but there’s more …….

Jesus was a healer and could heal ….but only every said its your faith that has healed you ….he also said when asked are you that prophet, that teacher or the man who they say has come to ‘save us all’ his answer was the same ‘Is That WHOME they say that I AM …..but there’s more ……..

So who was this real man, this man of God, this Son of God …honestly search your ❤️ and you have an answer he was ‘LOVE’ and God is ‘LOVE’ and God is the Word but truthfully it ALL comes down to one word BELIEF or in what each and every person BELIEVE that is simple news with an answer and there’s more ……

Because its the Truth and nobody can argue with what as what each person believes is their belief and nobody else’s and you cannot argu with belief ……but there’s more ……

But no until the next time when l shall tell another story of truth …….

God Bless You All Be Safe …..Amen 🙏’s


Ace says ……..Christmas Comes But Once. Year ….

Hello Friends, Followers, Readers ….Here’s more ….now the title says it ALL but GIVING should be ALL year round ….but there’s more ……


Its like people who go to church on Saturday, Sunday and their specific religious days …..they PRAY 🙏 to God their God by any other name and PROMISE NOT TO ….do this or that ever again but in that same prayer to this person so called designate in that church will hear their words spoken verbatim …but when its over many forget their PROMISE to God and the words they have spoken ……but there’s more ……

It’s not you that PRAYED 🙏 to the person designated to provide the service on that day but you PROMISE God and even though the congregation hear your words its God by any other name who LISTENS to your ❤️ and most of ALL FORGIVES US ALL ….but there’s more …..

However we have a part to play in this and that’s not to break our PROMISE not just to God but to ourselves to do what we promised and to ‘ GIVE OF OURSELVES TO OTHERS … we RECEIVE from God his FORGIVENESS…