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AUSTRALIA: Anzac Day Land Girls: Took 40yrs Before They Could March @storyville

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#AceNewsDesk – They fed Australia when the men went to fight, but it took 40 years for the Land Girls to be allowed to march on Anzac Day: Watch this story on ABC TV’s Landline at 12:30pm on Sunday, or on ABC iview.

B&W photo of four girls standing in a row.
The Australian Women’s Land Army worked on farms all over Australia. Pictured from left to right: Nell Strong, Beryl Johnson, Pat Engstom, Beattie Palmer, and Florie Holmes.(Supplied)none

It’s been 80 years since a group of trailblazing young women went to work on farms across Australia to fill the gaps left behind by men sent to fight in World War II. 

As the war stretched on, by 1942 as many men as possible were needed on the front line.

B&W photo of two women farming.
From dairying to driving tractors, it was work unlike anything most women were used to doing in Australia in the 1940s. Pictured: Betty Willington and Beryl Johnson.(Supplied)none

But that left Australia’s agriculture sector grappling with a big problem: those same men were needed on farms at home to grow the food required to feed both a hungry nation and the allied forces.

It led to the formation of the Australian Women’s Land Army and, during the course of the war, more than 3,000 women would volunteer.

The women who soldiered on

Many were as young as sixteen, and most were from towns or cities.

“Two-thirds of the enlisted women in the Women’s Land Army were women who had never jumped a barbed wire fence, they’d never milked a cow, they’d never picked strawberries and boxed them or driven a tractor,” said India Dixon, a librarian at the State Library of Queensland.

“They were young women who wanted to help out and to keep Australia running as the breadbasket of the allied force.”

Photo of a woman holding a picture.
Lorraine Newton is the daughter of a Land Army member who signed on to serve in Queensland.(ABC: Landline/Courtney Wilson)none

One of those young women was a teenager from Bundaberg.

“My Mum’s name was Beryl Johnson,” said Lorraine Newton.

“She saw an ad in the Women’s Weekly and she thought, well, this will be a great opportunity.”

Image of an advertisement for Land Army
More than 3,000 women volunteered in the Australian Land Army during World War II.(ABC: Landline)none

Beryl died in 2019 but fortunately, we can still hear her memories of that time.

More than 20 years earlier, her story was recorded as part of an Anzac Day program on a local radio station.

Lorraine Newton still has both the cassette tape and a working tape deck.

“I had just turned 17 when I joined. From there, I stayed on right through the wartime,” Beryl Johnson said on the recording.

B&W photo of a group of women.
Land Girls were sent to all corners of the country. Pictured: Pat Engstrom, Beattie Palmer, Beryl Johnson, Billie Willmott, Nellie Strong.(Supplied)none

Telling the story of her service, Beryl recalls knowing nobody when she was sent by train to Far North Queensland for her first billet.

Like all “Land Girls”, as they came to be known, Beryl quickly learnt to turn her hand to many different jobs.

“I loved working outside on the farms and did all sorts of things, cotton and picked up potatoes. Yes, I think it’s something we can all be proud of, the Australian Women’s Land Army.”

It wasn’t all work though, and the offer of a lift to a local dance when stationed north of Brisbane would change the course of Beryl’s life.

“This fella turned up on a motorbike and low and behold, that ended up being my father,” said Lorraine Newton.

B&W photo of a soldier.
Doug and Beryl were married after the war ended and they remained on the land to raise their family.(Supplied)none

Doug Price was a third-generation Redlands farmer who had been medically discharged from the army.

He and Beryl were married after the war ended and they remained living and working on the land while they raised their family.

“We had custard apples, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, capsicum, potato, pumpkin, rockmelon, watermelon,” said Lorraine Newton.

“Every small crop, we had it — as well as hundreds of chickens.”

“We had a lovely life growing up on the farm.”

Remembering the Land Girls

Today, the area on Brisbane’s bayside bears little resemblance to a farming district but there are still reminders of when the Land Girls came to town all those years ago.

Photo of an army uniform on display.
Some of Beryl Johnson’s memorabilia from her service in the Land Army is now on display.(Supplied)none

Beryl’s Land Army uniform is now on display in the Redland Museum, which is built on the site where the Price family farm once stood.

“There were Land Army girls on quite a few of the farms in this area,” said Rick Thomason OAM, the curator of the exhibition at the Redland Museum.

Photo of a man smiling.
The Redland Museum is built on the site where the Price farm once was.(ABC: Landline/Courtney Wilson)none

“It was very important as a small crop-producing district. So important, it was known as a salad bowl of Queensland.”

At nearby Birkdale, the School of Arts hall was once a dormitory for the young land army volunteers.

“The Australian Women’s Land Army were apparently camped around the outside of this hall and at 5.30 am, they’d get woken up and then they had to be in here by 6.30 to have breakfast,” said Redland City Councillor Paul Bishop.

“Then they would go out into the fields.”

From dairying to driving tractors, the work required of the land girls was varied. But one thing was certain — it was quite unlike what was generally expected of women in the 1940s.

“They were some of the most extraordinary pioneers because they were doing things and transforming our understanding, particularly for women, of what women could do,” said Councillor Bishop.

Fighting for recognition

For many, that work was also the beginning of lifelong connections.

“Mum had those friendships all their lives,” said Lorraine Newton.

Photo of a statue of a woman.
Today the Land Girls are remembered in monuments and museums around Australia.(ABC: Landline/Courtney Wilson)none

“My mother was a great letter writer. Mum would write two or three letters a week. She just loved that communication and loved hearing what everyone was doing.”

A key reason for keeping in touch after the war ended was to fight for recognition of the contribution of the AWLA.

“The Land Army committee used to meet in the city, and they fought for a long, long time to be recognised,” said Lorraine Newton.

“The day that they were allowed to march was a great day, and Mum was so thrilled, and there were just so many Land Army girls that day marching proudly in their green jackets on Anzac Day.”

Photo of women at an ANZAC day march.
It wasn’t until 1985 — 40 years after the war had ended — that the Land Girls were even allowed to march on Anzac Day.(ABC: Landline)none

“For a long time, those women just quietly served and then went home again,” said India Dixon, from the State Library of Queensland.

“That recognition of their service has been incredibly important both for them and for Australia because if we don’t recognise that service, and we aren’t aware that that service even occurred, how can we have a full understanding of the history of gender equality and gender dynamics within Australia?”

Photo of a woman.
India Dixon says it’s admirable to know these women were quietly changing the world behind the scenes.(Landline: Courtney Wilson)none
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Good Samaritan @storyteller

A man was walking from one end of the ‘ Silk Road ‘ to the other and back again every day of his life it took him from China to India and then he would pick up ‘ Goods ‘ to sell and then sell them each time he reached either country

On this day he meets a ‘ Stranger ‘ who stops him to ask for ‘ drink of water ‘ being a ‘ Kind Man ‘ he gets down off his ‘ Donkey ‘ and gives the man a drink and asks have you eaten – no said the man and he breaks bread with him just as he gets up to continue his journey a group of men arrive and they ‘ Beat The Man & Rob Him ‘ leaving him for dead and the stranger runs away and disappears

For many hours people walk past on their way to either China or India and seeing the man ignore him as if they did not see him eventually an elderly couple walk by and seeing the man take pity on him and help him loading him onto their cart and providing both food and water as he had done for the stranger

Eventually they arrive in India and the couple give the man some money so he can buy some goods to sell as he explained he had always walked the ‘ Silk Road ‘ for many a year and nothing had ever happened to him – he saw himself as protected by God and had always tried to help people in need and wondered why had God not helped to keep these band of thieves away from him this time

The elderly woman looked at him and said sometimes in life being a ‘ Good Samaritan ‘ can be dangerous but God knows best as he sends his ‘ Angels ‘ just at the right time after he has taught you not all of the people are ‘ Good Samaritans ‘ like you

So l finish this story with this – l was that ‘ Good Samaritan ‘ gave to everyone believing they were just like me until one day ‘ God Had To Teach Me ‘ not everyone is like you and learn to know people in your ❤️❤️ not in your head and then you will always be in the ‘ Right Place At The Right Time For The Right Reason ‘

Be safe people of the world ….🙏🙏’ s


Story Teller

Once Upon a Time @storyteller


There was a bear 🐻 called Honey now that bear was called Honey – you guessed it because he loved Honey on his Porridge in the Morning for Breakfast 🐻

Now Honey worked in a mine – oh no not like any mine but a Honey mine where he would go every day and mine for Golden Honey which to the little bear, was just like Money and he would use what he mined and of course did not eat to ‘ Share ‘ with his friends Joel (Rat) Shoo She (Cat) and his very very best friend Jasper (The Tiger) and for many many years they were all Happy – Sharing & Caring for each other until one fateful day – Judas turned up and wanted to be friends with Honey and Honey being a – Kind & Generous Bear – Welcomed Judas -who by the way was a – Snake into the fold 🐻

For some days after Judas ingratiated himself with Honey and seeing him ‘ Sharing,’ the Honey for Free thought l can make some Money here and so hatched a plan and met up with the local Judge called Herod and discussed with him how they both could benefit by charging 30-pieces of silver for every batch of Honey – So it came to pass that a law was passed and every creature of creation including Honey would be Taxed 🐻

They all had to go to the Little Town of Bethlehem and arrange for taxation on all goods mined including – you got it Honey and every penny would be used to make their lives better – but of course, with every Judas comes Greed and most of the animals of Creation could not afford the Honey and so as happens everywhere in life – Greed stops Honey mining for Honey as he would have to sell it and nobody could afford 30 Pieces of Silver for each 🍯 container

Meanwhile Judas moves in his people and starts mining all the Honey for himself and his group of renegades and none is left for Poor Honey not a drop as Judas now a very Rich man has even started charging for the jars that Joel (Rat) makes and adding on a delivery charge on transporting it to market that Shoo Shoo (Cat) provides and finally adds an extra charge on retail that Honey’s best friend Jasper (Tiger) provided and slowly as always happens they all had to pay more and more

LO – Up in Heaven God looks down and sees all that Judas is doing and knows ‘ All Things Have Passed ‘ He must help Creation to survive and sends Adam to them to give them guidance on how to defeat the ‘ Evil ‘ Judas and his henchmen and so begins the ‘ Restoration ‘ Adam enters into the world in the ❤️ ❤️ of those that are in Need and God creates for them from that word Need by making it uncorrupted an Eden and into that Eden he put all things Good to Eat and brought all those living creatures damaged by Judas and put a wall around to protect Adam and all his living creation bringing it to one place to be safe and protected forevermore 🐻✨

Outside desolation happens and Judas no longer can ‘ Tax ‘ any creature as they are all safe and protected by God and so has to do all the work himself no longer holding any creature in bondage, hunted or just for sport and as with all thieves, liars, and murderers they fall out with each other and everyone wants to be top dog and eventually the ‘ Evil ‘ is wiped out and all that is left is ‘ Good ‘ now all the cleansing has taken place in people’s ❤️❤️‘s can come to pass with ‘Goodwill & Peace on Earth ‘ and God can remove the wall and ‘Sharing & Caring ‘ can begin once again


Amen ✨🙏
Story Teller

Grateful Day ~ Arrives ~ I Left Care To Care @storyteller

Its on this day so long ago l began following God l was in the care industry oh yes l had been learning about God for many years and had learned to read the bible of course 💥 but it was this day l left my job, income and resigned as l could do no more – or so l thought

I walked out of the door of the care home and down the road and did not know Why ? that’s right people l did not know Why ? God did as l was to find out many years later and l went home and sat on the sofa and waited in silence 💥

For the next two days l cleaned the flat l lived in scrubbing every single area of it until it was like a new pin – I mean cleanliness is next to Godliness and then l stopped and sat down and waited in silence 💥

Next day l went down the road walking and talking to God in me – oh not like a voice you recognise but silent inside and having stopped as it was a hot day sat on a wall – an elderly woman was tending her garden and struggling l said big garden takes a long time – oh yes she said not as young as l was either hard work – Why do you want to do it she asked – l will help if l can Ok she said l will get us both a cool drink 💥

For the next three days l did all of the back garden and mowed the front lawn and it looked wonderful and after finishing she said here and paid me some money – l tried to refuse but she said please take it make me feel better – so l did and went home 💥

You guessed it sat on the sofa in silence and then the next day started writing pages and pages of all the knowledge l had inside me and all that l did not know but must have learned it took two days and 800 – pages later stopped put into a folder and wrote ‘ Genesis ‘ on the cover and put it away 💥

It was on that day a council bill arrived and l opened it and then looked at the money l was paid for gardening and it was not enough so l sat in silence and waited and then went outside and met a woman tending her hanging baskets and we talked about her job as the person in charged and she was being let down by the maintenance people and l said can help and for the next two days l did the lawns and there were many and some work on painting and tidying and painted a fence and a number of other jobs said at the end – How much l did not know what to say – l waited a second in silence and said hows X amount she said no l will pay you Y we agreed 💥

I went home and sat on the sofa in silence and then next day went out into town and back now as a visitor and met some of the people l had cared for and just chatted and was given a meal – while there l went to the garage to find a wheelchair and saw some old computers and asked are they anyones and was told they were rubbish and would go in the skip when it arrived – l asked can l take one and took all that was needed including cables and keyboard and went home and sat on the sofa 💥

Next day l started learning to write now on a computer once l had learned how to make it work and set it up for the next 7 days l wrote and did some more jobs and more jobs in between then does anyone remember ‘ dial up ‘ l connected the computer to the internet and began surfing the web – strange l thought it was like having a ‘ surf board ‘ but LOL 😂 it was much much more and l was gaining more knowledge 💥

The moral of this story is first it happened to me and by the end of that month l had sufficient to pay the Council’s bill and also l had began to learn more knowledge and follow God not my own self and as days progressed l would learn more and more and will write soon

AMEN 💥 @storyteller

Story Teller

Better Days Are Ahead

Yesterday I met an elderly person in my society. People call him Sanju Kaka. A few days back he was celebrating his 79th birthday by distributing chocolates. He is a jolly person and always seen sitting outside either alone or gossiping with any sundry person. When asked, he explained, “My wife is no more, and […]

Better Days Are Ahead
Story Teller

The Present 💥

In a hurry, the package, clear instructions, it has to be given to someone, no one else, he listens to the instructions again, finally he says okay, off. Only a gift, why the hassle he thinks, i will leave it there, they will give it to him, his thoughts a flurry of snowballs, people pass […]

The Present
Story Teller

Papillon 💫✨🕊💫✨

Jack wrote this in September, 2006: Hi blogsters: A couple of days ago I came across a tattered copy of Henri Charrèire’s, Papillon on the bookshelf.   I’d read it many times over the decades, but there’s always one more read left in it, it seems.  This might be the last. Charrière’s autobiography always has something […]

Story Teller

Johnny Cash 🌟

After his first marriage fell apart in the 1960s, the songwriter Johnny Cash moved from Southern California to Tennessee. On the first night in his new home, lonely and depressed, he began to pace the length of the ground floor. It was an enormous house, all but empty of furniture, wedged between a steep hill on one side and Old Hickory Lake on the other.

As he walked from one end of the floor to the other, from the hill to the lake, he began to feel, almost frantically, that something was absent. What’s missing? he thought. Where is it? he repeated, over and over again. Had he forgotten to pack something? Was there something he needed to do? What wasn’t right? Suddenly, it came to him. It wasn’t something, it was someone.

His young daughter, Rosanne. She wasn’t there. She was in California with her mother. A house without a family is no home. Johnny Cash stopped, began to shout her name as loud as he could, and fell to the ground and wept. In some sense, it might seem like that is exactly the kind of anguish that philosophy helps us avoid through the cultivation of detachment and indifference to other people. If you don’t make yourself dependent on anyone, if you don’t make yourself vulnerable, you can never lose them and you’ll never be hurt. Some people try this way. They take vows of chastity or solitude, or, conversely, try to reduce relationships to their most transactional or minimal form.

Or because they have been hurt before, they put up walls. Or because they are so talented, they dedicate themselves exclusively to their work. It is necessary, they say, for they have a higher calling.

The Buddha, for instance, walked out on his wife and young son without even saying goodbye, because enlightenment was more important.

Yes, every individual should make the life choices that are right for them. Still, there is something deeply misguided—and sad—about a solitary existence.

Story Teller


I want you to listen up and take a moment to absorb this because I have a very important message for you today.

You MUST create space

In the physical
In the mental
In the emotional
In the spiritual

Creating space, creates room to expand

Room for newness to be welcomed in.

Room for new experiences to unfold.

Room for you to pause and check in.

Room for life to unfold without the need for you to control and trust to build.

Take a pause and watch the sky.

Clear out your cupboards.

Let go of people that no longer align with you.

Leave space for someone to speak.

…all ways of creating space.

Most struggle to hold the space once it’s created, filling it up immediately with other distractions and things they don’t truly want.

Wildly rush day to day from one thing to another craving space but never creating it.

They forget they are a creator.

They forget the power that lies within them.

Are you struggling with clutter and overwhelm?

Challenged with knowing what’s left from right?

Sound like you?

Look at what you’re holding on tightly to!

Look at where you’re craving space but not creating it!

Take a moment and allow yourself to create a space for your awareness to grow.

Hold that space and watch change start to unfold.

It might feel uncomfortable but I know you got this!

Story Teller

Storytelling 🌟🌟

Once upon a time, there was a woman in her mid-sixties who noticed that she had lived her entire life in the same small town. And although she had spent decades enthusiastically dreaming about traveling and seeing the world, she had never taken a single step to make this dream a reality.

Finally, she woke up on the sunrise of her 65th birthday and decided that now was the time! She sold all of her possessions except for some essential items she needed, packed these items into a backpack, and began her journey out into the world. The first several days on the road were amazing and filled with awe – with every step forward she felt like she was finally living the life she had dreamed of.

Nevertheless, a few short weeks later, the days on the road started taking a toll on her. She felt misplaced and she missed the familiar comforts of her old life. As her feet and legs grew sorer and sorer with each new step, her mood also took a turn for the worse.

Eventually, she stopped walking, took off her backpack, slammed it on the ground, and sat down beside it as tears began streaming down her cheeks. She stared hopelessly down a long winding road that once led to an amazing world but now seemed to lead only to discomfort and unhappiness. “I have nothing! I have nothing left in my life!” she shouted out loud at the top of her lungs.

Coincidentally, a renowned guru and life adviser from a nearby village was resting quietly behind a pine tree adjacent to where the woman was sitting. When the woman began shouting, the guru heard every word and he felt it was his duty to help her. Without thinking twice he jumped out from behind the pine tree, grabbed her backpack, and ran into the forest that lined both sides of the road. Stunned and in complete disbelief, the woman started crying even harder than before, to the point of near breathlessness.

“That backpack was all I had,” she cried.” And now it’s gone! Now everything is gone in my life!”

After about ten minutes of much-needed tears, the woman gradually collected her emotions, stood up again, and began staggering slowly down the road. Meanwhile, the guru cut through the forest and secretly placed the backpack in the middle of the road just a short distance ahead of the woman.

When the woman’s teary eyes fell upon the backpack, she almost couldn’t believe what she was seeing – everything she thought she had just lost was once again right in front of her. She couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. “Oh, thank heavens!” the woman exclaimed. “I am so grateful! Now I definitely have what I need to continue onward…”