Social media

Social media

You spend more time on social media than you realize due to harmonical happiness caused by chemicals of conscious mind.

Why we share on social media. Passing information on is an impulse that we’re hard-wired with. Just the thought of sharing activates our brain’s reward centers, even before we’ve done a thing.

Social media gives rise to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is an enormous concern, especially for adolescents.

Australian Social media today tends to cater for the over the Forties on Facebook. Tic Toc Social media is the younger generation fashion today.

Ego needs a platform to showcase itself and social networks are the perfect answer. 80% of our online conversations are self-disclosure, compared to 30-40% of offline conversations. We live in a ‘Me’ society with an obsession of the ‘self’ that drives us to update our status and tag ourselves in photos (but only those that we look good in of course).

Social Media Addicted people feel worried or uncomfortable when they are not able to access their social networks. Interesting that panic mode. ” I’m in Facebook Jail as though you wear the badge of naughtiness is another seeking pleasure 😅 “

If you’re feeling vulnerable or are spending too much time on social media, it might be worth taking a break for a bit or set aside sometime each day to do something else like reading a book or doing some physical exercise. Sometimes forget those life rules and make the most of each moment the best way you can.

You might want to check all the news too.

And when you comment it’s called communication. Be kind, and if your not feeling kind yes send a love heart instead.

Remember that one heart like may give someone hope when they may be hurting

You never know what is behind that screen.

Be very careful you don’t text opinions without scientific evidence

Keep it peaceful, friendly

Social media

Thoughts on Social Media

Social validation is an important part of being human. A Facebook ‘Like’ or a Twitter ‘Favorite’ is a social signal that makes us feel good.

90% of the people will prefer to text things that they could never say to a person according to survey.

Psychologists examined Internet trolls and found that they are “narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic”.

Sad that don’t you speculate but some humans do that.

Most people text faster when it’s someone they like while using social platform. Addictive Social Media users have faced difficulty sleeping after using social media.

Researchers are debating on adding Internet addiction to the list of mental disorders. Another tag to hang around someone’s neck just to make money for someones bank account 😔

Social media makes us restless and lazier

Despite your personal feelings about the app, it’s hard to argue with the cultural impact it’s had on millennials and online dating.

To many outside users who are puzzled how online dating works is beyond the comprehension of many folks, we think folk today have become isolated from family and friends, living nuclear lives. Gone are the days of extended family members leaving vacuums in many lives.

For some elder folk Solical Medias are a tool to help stay connected with folk. Therefore don’t judge Social media harshly.

Yes every in life serves a purpose for everyone.