I hope you find complete acceptance, the kind that resonates deep in your soul. May it silence the voice inside you that keeps reminding you of your inadequacies or shortcomings. I hope you can forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made and for the memories of the past that you keep holding onto. May you learn to let go of things that you had to do to heal, grow, or survive. Always remember that you are trying your best and that it’s okay to be human.

I hope you find the kind of moments that take your breath away. The kind of moments that change you. I hope you travel to places that cleanse you; I hope you go to concerts that ring through your bones and make you feel alive. I hope you connect with the small things hope you look at someone mid-conversation and you feel your stomach the feelings you have for them. I hope you surround surge with yourself with the kinds of friends who encourage your spontaneity and are always there for you. I hope you live. Truly. I hope you don’t hold back. There is so much to feel in this world. I hope you feel it all.

But above all, my wish for you is to find your true self out there. I hope you discover the depths of your heart, understand your mind completely and learn to be compassionate to yourself. Embrace the journey you are on and cherish every moment of it.




A Prayer to Fight the Enemy and Win

Heavenly Father,

As I bow my head and heart in prayer, I start by praising You. You are excellent in all Your ways. You are loving, kind, and patient, yet you are strong and mighty. There is none like you, and there is nothing that I could ask you that You cannot do. 💥

Father, forgive me for any sins that I have committed. I want my life to bring honour💥 to Your name, but despite my best efforts, sometimes I fall short and miss the mark. Please hear my heart’s cry. Forgive me as I also willingly forgive others.💥

As your child, You don’t want me to be worried, anxious, or overwhelmed by any of life’s circumstances. Sometimes, the enemy tries to distract me by sending doubt, condemnation, and fear. The enemy wants to cause me to worry rather than pray, but here I am, Father, with my head bowed. I ask that You help calm every fear that is trying to rise. Please fight all of my battles, Lord. Whatever may come, let Your Holy Spirit bring scriptures to my remembrance as I learn to stand on Your Word in faith. Please show me how to hold on through every test and trial.💥💥

Thank you for hearing me when I pray. I praise you in advance and claim that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Thank You for going behind me, before me, and for living in my💥

I want to live according to your will, and I thank you for helping me on my journey. I know that you will always continue to help me as I surrender my will to Yours. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ ⚜️🙏⚜️


GOOD NEWS STORY: A network of dams built by beavers in Devon has helped to maintain an area of wetland despite a drought in the South West.

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Editor says isn’t ‘ Creation Wonderful ‘ providing a home for the for the Beaver and they build dams in east Devon create area of wetland amid drought to provide this is how God want’s this world to be Amen

A photo of the dams
The dams have created a wetland despite the dry weather

By Eve Watson
BBC News

There are a number of beaver families living on land owned and farmed by Clinton Devon Estates.

They were the subject of a five-year study ending in 2020 which explored the impact of beavers on the countryside.

The trial found a number of benefits and the beavers have been allowed to continue living in the area.

The mammals used sticks and mud to create several dams on the estate in less than a year, and a hectare of grazing land is now permanently underwater as a result. 

East Devon Pebblebed Heaths Ranger Ed Lagdon said: “The water is up to two feet in some areas and is fantastic for wildlife such as birds and invertebrates.

“It also brings flood prevention benefits and carbon capture within the wetland.”

A photo of a beaver
The beavers have built several dams on the estate in less than a year

‘Benefits outweigh costs’

Estate surveyor Clare James said the beaver families were adding to the biodiversity of the area, but it was important to “tread with caution” as it could impact farming and surrounding land owners.

“As the beaver numbers increase, how is this going to affect our grazing and our arable land? 

“That’s a really big question for land managers across the country as beavers begin to move their territories through our tributaries.”

A photo of the wetland
The beaver dams have created a wetland amid the drought

Matt Holden, Devon Wildlife Trust’s Beaver Project manager, said there were pros and cons to beavers and their dams.

He said: “Whilst beavers create benefits society-wide, we recognise the impact of those are compounded on a few individuals, often land owners and those in charge of infrastructure.

“Those impacts can be localised flooding, which can restrict access to land like farmland and losses of crops.”

He added: “There are costs of managing beavers, but the benefits outweigh those costs.”

A photo of the dam
The beaver dams are made of mud and sticks

New government legislation comes into force on 1 October, which will see beavers given legal protection as a recognised native species in England, meaning it will be illegal to disturb, harm or kill them.

It follows a government consultation last year on the future of beavers in England.

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I have gotten in many a heated exchange with non-believers; how could that not possibly see things the way that I do? Unfortunately, the way that I handled these situations may have driven some non-believers even further away. Tact and wisdom are required, and humility is a virtue that a person with any beliefs can appreciate. Grace and wisdom are required in these exchanges…and everything tastes better with a little salt!


The cost of Human life 😔

It is the cost of human life that should be precious and yet its the cost to the pocket that becomes more important War builds coffers and Peace does not so lethal aid provides money and humanitarian aid does not so sad

I understand people and why they want protect their homeland but our earth was given freely by God as a place to call our home he asked nothing it was a Gift From God providing water, from the rain and all good things to eat this was to be and one day will be The Garden of Eden and it will be so

and all peoples of the world need to share in a prosperous world of love and understanding

and as in the beginning to kill leads to breaking my commandment

Amen 🙏