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Where’s My Juliet? ✨✨

I know I’m not a hero though I tend to forget what if I’m not Romeo? I deserve a Julieta love that’s young and crazy love that’s passionate love that’s true and precious love her just like that there’s my Juliet? Open up the skies now crack the land below drop her straight in my arms like in a magic show until I […]

Where’s My Juliet?
I found her Frank 😁😁

Famous Poets

No I Don’t Remember The Date ❤❤

Do you recall the date ❤

No, I don’t remember the date when I first laid eyes on you but I remember the adrenaline that burst through my nerves my eyes made merry No I don’t remember the date when I first held your hand but I remember the tingling sensation that jolted through my veins as we walked together No I don’t remember the date when we exchanged […]

No I Don’t Remember The Date

Famous Poets

My Favourite Poem 😁

I like poems that make me laugh An aching neck of an old giraffe orangutan who chased his tail orange zebra all set to sail I also like the ones about ghosts silly one where they eat their host gruesome one about a witch who threw little children in a ditch Then some poems inspire […]

My Favourite Poem
Famous Poets

The Chatterbox – Ann Taylor💥

From morning till night it was Lucy’s delight To chatter and talk without stopping:

There was not a day but she rattled away,

Like water for ever a-dropping.

No matter at all if the subjects were small,

Or not worth the trouble of saying,

‘Twas equal to her,

she would talking prefer

To working, or reading, or playing,

You’ll think now, perhaps,

that there would have been gaps,

If she had not been wonderfully clever:

That her sense was so great,

and so witty her pate,

It would be forthcoming for ever;

But that’s quite absurd, for have you not heard That much tongue and few brains are connected?

That they are supposed to think least who talk most,

And their wisdom is always suspected?

While Lucy was young, had she bridled her tongue,

With a little good sense and exertion,

Who knows, but she might now have been our delight,

Instead of our jest and aversion?

~ The Chatterbox – Ann Taylor

Famous Poets

The Cut – Ann Taylor 😔

Well, what’s the matter?

there’s a face What !

has it cut a vein?

And is it quite a shocking place?

Come, let us look again.

I see it bleeds,

but never mind That tiny little drop;

I don’t believe you’ll ever find That crying makes it stop.

‘Tis sad indeed to cry at pain,

For any but a baby;

If that should chance to cut a vein,

We should not wonder, may be.

But such a man as you should try

To bear a little sorrow:

So run along, and wipe your eye,

‘Twill all be well to-morrow. ~

The Cut – Ann Taylor

Famous Poets

The Field Daisy – Ann Taylor

I’m a pretty little thing,

Always coming with the spring;

In the meadows green I’m found,

Peeping just above the ground,

And my stalk is cover’d flat With a white and yellow hat.

Little Mary, when you pass Lightly o’er the tender grass,

Skip about, but do not tread On my bright but lowly head,

For I always seem to say,

“Surely winter’s gone away.”

~ The Field Daisy – Ann Taylor

Famous Poets

To a Little Girl That Has Told a Lie – Ann Taylor 💫

AND has my darling told a lie? Did she forget that GOD was by? That GOD, who saw the things she did, From whom no action can be hid; Did she forget that GOD could see And hear, wherever she might be? He made your eyes, and can discern Whichever way you think to turn; He made your ears, and he can hear When you think nobody is near; In every place, by night or day, He watches all you do and say. Oh, how I wish you would but try To act, as shall not need a lie; And when you wish a thing to do, That has been once forbidden you, Remember that, nor ever dare To disobey­, for GOD is there. Why should you fear the truth to tell? Does falsehood ever do so well? Can you be satisfied to know, There’s something wrong to hide below? No! let your fault be what it may, To own it is the happy way. So long as you your crime conceal, You cannot light and gladsome feel: Your little heart will seem oppress’d, As if a weight were on your breast; And e’en your mother’s eye to meet, Will tinge your face with shame and heat. Yes, GOD has made your duty clear, By every blush, by every fear; And conscience, like an angel kind, Keeps watch to bring it to your mind: Its friendly warnings ever heed, And neither tell a lie­ nor need. ~ To a Little Girl That Has Told a Lie – Ann Taylor

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The Vulgar Little Lady – Ann Taylor

“But, mamma, now, ” said Charlotte, “pray, don’t you believe That I’m better than Jenny, my nurse? Only see my red shoes, and the lace on my sleeve; Her clothes are a thousand times worse. “I ride in my coach, and have nothing to do, And the country folks stare at me so; And nobody dares to control me but you Because I’m a lady, you know. “Then, servants are vulgar, and I am genteel; So really, ’tis out of the way, To think that I should not be better a deal Than maids, and such people as they. ” “Gentility, Charlotte,” her mother replied, “Belongs to no station or place; And there’s nothing so vulgar as folly and pride, Though dress’d in red slippers and lace. Not all the fine things that fine ladies possess Should teach them the poor to despise; For ’tis in good manners, and not in good dress, That the truest gentility lies.” ~ The Vulgar Little Lady – Ann Taylor

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“Trees” ✨✨

Have you ever heard/read the poem “Trees”? It’s a short poem by Joyce Kilmer. Although very popular, “Trees” is often dismissed as simple, dated, sentimental, and sappy. This poem has underwhelmed on such a grand scale that Columbia University (Wilmer’s alma mater) holds the annual Alfred Joyce Kilmer Memorial Bad Poetry Contest. I’m no literary scholar, but I think “Trees” gets a bad rap. For one thing the timing of Kilmer’s work toward the beginning of the twentieth century predates the modernist movement by barely a decade. To judge Kilmer against poets like TS Elliot and Ezra Pound is like judging 90’s climbers for wearing SKIDZ. It’s not their fault that Prana and Lululemon didn’t exist yet.

Joyce Kilmer


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she had ✨✨

sitting quiet the end of my fave dive bar those deep blue eyes the kind I always fell into tho’ recognising these as the mark of the seasoned souse then I watched her hands saw her control these like white doves in a magicians hat only the occasional tremble to give away she was starting […]

she had