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This for Me is easy as l believe in God who created us in his image Male & Female know how those Twin Souls are perfect in his image and made them all that is how My story goes

But many people decide they want to decide their relationships to use so-called ‘ Dating Sites ‘ that are both dangerous and as the video below attests so easily ‘ Looking for Love Is Costly ‘ and can lead to people being so easily conned out of thousands please listen to the video and please be careful ‘ God Knows Best ‘ when Jesus (Iesu) said all things must pass before l come, it is happening now daily with false people purporting to be someone they are not and all for MONEY NOT LOVE

Sometimes true romance comes into people’s lives and brings with it pain and heartache unless that ‘ Love Is God ‘ so l say unto you this day be safe my people’s wait until the ‘ Right Time ‘ and listen to the video and learn that not everyone is a ‘ Child of God ‘ and thus a ‘ Child of That Love of God ‘ take care


By ace101

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