Sometime’s you disappear

BROKEN SOUL 💥💥💥 You got a friend in me @peacewriter51


💥 This happens to some people and over many years of ‘ Trying to Please ‘ it happened to me – I suppose you could say you see it coming but ‘ Gradually it Happens ‘ oh yes you exist and you are there but one day your ‘ Speaking But No One Hears Your Voice ‘ and that’s it your ‘ Voice ‘

Now l was picked on as a ‘ Child ‘ made to feel small and yes unappreciated by my ‘ Parents ‘ l became the one ‘ Blamed For Everything That Went Wrong ‘ even when my ‘ Brother ‘ did wrong it was my fault – and at school l was ‘ Bullied ‘ for being able to help ‘ Children ‘ who struggled or only had ‘ One Parent ‘ and so over many years this continued – the more l gave of me the more people took of me – until l disappeared or so l thought until one day – Light Dawned 💥

Now l was not the type of person who believed but also l was the type of person who cared and this ‘ Light ‘ was only a ‘ Little Light ‘ but it was there in me – always making me get up and make a difference to another persons life and not expecting anything in return 💥

Now l say unto You – I Now Know That Is The Light Of God – and over many years that were to come l would learn that yes l was disappearing but l was also getting ‘ Lighter in My Life ‘ worries were being taken away and what l saw as ‘ Negative ‘ became ‘ Positive ‘ and me thats right Me l was changing with every step of the ‘ Journey of My Life ‘ l was walking and each step took me closer not to people but to God and that ‘ Teaching ‘ continued in me and l grew and ‘ No Longer Had l Disappeared From View ‘ but l was being seen by the ‘ Few ‘ not the many who only ‘ Wanted ‘ for themselves but those in ‘ Need ‘ who were like me ‘ Poor In Heart ‘ and so these people as l did this in me as l began to see it in them and the ‘ Light was the Word of God in Me ‘ burning brighter and brighter until like ‘ Paul Going Through Damascus ‘ it was blindingly obvious that God had a ‘ Purpose for Me ‘ and all that l can see as ‘ Disappearing ‘ was Now ‘ Appearing In Me ‘ just as Jesus (Iesu) never ‘ Disappeared ‘ and was 💥always there in our heart


You got a friend in me @peacewriter51

By ace101

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