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May.09, 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper headlines: Labour’s ‘civil war’, and PM wants UK to ‘unite’

The Sunday Telegraph front page 9 May 2021
Fallout from the nationwide elections continues to feature on the front pages. The Sunday Telegraph leads with the results in Scotland. The Scottish National Party has won the most seats in Holyrood, but fell short of winning a majority. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has called for another independence referendum, saying it is “the will of the country”. And Labour looks set “to descend in to civil war”, the paper says. It comes after deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner was sacked as chair of the party. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is due to announce that from next week hugging friends and relatives will be allowed, the paper reports.

BBC News: Staff:

After the SNP narrowly missed gaining a Holyrood majority, Mr Johnson is reportedly offering Ms Sturgeon the chance to join a UK-wide council of war to rebuild the nation after coronavirus, according to the Mail on Sunday. “

“ We must unite as team UK, PM urges Sturgeon” is the paper’s front page headline. However, she has reportedly rejected the offer, labelling it as a “supposedly clever manoeuvre”, the paper adds.Following the Conservatives’ electoral gains, Mr Johnson will promise to bring jobs and skills to “red wall” areas, adds the Sunday Times.

The plans – to be outlined in Tuesday’s Queen’s Speech – will reportedly mean people will not have to leave their home towns to find well-paid work. And the paper carries an investigation into Prince Michael of Kent who has been accused of selling privileged access to Vladimir Putin’s regime to business clients. The senior member of the Royal Family issued a statement denying he had a special relationship with the Russian leader, adding the pair had not been in contact since 2003.The Sunday Express leads with the PM’s comments that there will be “no let up on levelling up”.

Mr Johnson has also promised the country a “brighter future” following the Conservatives’ election success in the local elections.Moving away from election news, the Sunday Mirror reports that a typical family of four could end up paying £960 on Covid tests to go abroad – more than some holidays cost. The report comes after the government on Friday announced the 12 destinations on its green list – areas people can travel to without having to quarantine on their return to England.

And stars of the ITV show Britain’s Got Talent have joined a campaign to pay for treatment for Nathaniel Nabena, who has leukaemia, the Sunday People reports. His family are trying to raise £1250,000 in three days.

Lastly, the Daily Star Sunday leads with an interview with a woman who claims she has been abducted by aliens 52 times.

The smiling face of Nicola Sturgeon holding a bright yellow SNP umbrella appears on most of the Scottish front pages, after her party’s fourth consecutive victory in the Holyrood elections.

“Landslide” is the Herald on Sunday’s headline, while the pro-independence National says the result shows there is now cast-iron support for another referendum on Scotland’s future outside the union. 

But the Sunday Telegraph suggests Ms Sturgeon’s failure to secure an outright majority has “greatly lifted the pressure” on Boris Johnson to grant her a referendum.

One source tells the paper that the government’s position is “quite clear – we are not having one”.

Getty ImagesFirst Minister Nicola Sturgeon outside Glasgow counting centre

The Sunday Times looks ahead to Tuesday’s Queen’s Speech, which it says will include a commitment to bring jobs directly to so-called “red wall” areas of England so people no longer have to leave their home towns to find well-paid work.

Downing Street aides reportedly see the policy as a way of convincing voters who backed the Conservatives on Thursday that the prime minister is focused on “improving their communities rather than just providing a ladder out of them”.

In an editorial, the Sunday Express urges him to “get cracking” on addressing these inequalities, and says the Queen’s Speech “must show tangible signs on just what levelling up means”.

According to the Observer, the Church of England will issue new guidance this week encouraging its thousands of parishes to scrutinise their buildings and grounds for historical references to slavery and colonialism.

It will say that “ignoring such heritage is not an option”, meaning plaques and monuments may have to be removed, relocated or given additional context.

However, a senior figure in the church tells the paper that they hope to “empower rather than shut down conversation”.

The Mail on Sunday says a row about Perspex screens could lengthen queues at Heathrow when international leisure travel resumes a week on Monday.

The main union representing Border Force staff alleges that not enough screens have been installed at immigration desks – meaning they cannot all be used – because airport bosses are reluctant to make additional investment if social distancing rules will soon be scrapped.

A Heathrow source insists the claims are “absolutely ridiculous”, and any delays will be solely the result of the Border Force not having enough workers.

Separately, the Sunday Mirror reports that holidaymakers are still owed £500m from package holidays and flights which were cancelled last year because of the pandemic.

One complaints-handling website says tens of thousands of families are waiting for refunds worth an average of £600, most of which have been rolled into vouchers.

And “You’ve had some bad luck, missus” is how the Daily Star Sundaydescribes the story of a Yorkshire woman who believes she has been abducted by aliens on 52 occasions.

Paula Smith, from Bradford, shares with the paper pictures of various bruises she says were left on her body following one incident, and describes spending time on a UFO when she was supposedly shown a slideshow of Earth being destroyed.

But the Star suggests that readers should not feel too sorry for her because “at least she’s been getting some foreign travel in”.

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