Brian Bowdidge is a repeat child rapist who has admitted to having “scary” thoughts about school kids and has repeatedly broken his parole conditions.

Before he offends again.

A NSW convicted paedophile was scared to go outside during school holidays last July because he was having sexual urges to get “a young girl” and told authorities: “it’s safer if I stay home.”

It’s one of several troubling incidents that drove a judge to place child rapist Brian Alan Bowdidge on a four-year Extended Supervision Order in December, imposing 47 strict conditions on the high risk sex offender while he lives out in the community.

Last year Bowdidge announced he wanted to go back on anti-libidinal medication and see a prostitute after having “unhealthy” sexual thoughts, documents released by the Supreme Court reveal. Of course he wanted his visits to these prostitutes to be entirely tax payer funded. Oddly enough in some cases these wishes are approved.

A psychiatrist report notes Bowdidge was “triggered by schoolchildren walking past his residence” and in July the intellectually disabled 59-year-old declared he was concerned about leaving the house. “I won’t be going out much for the next two weeks … it is school holidays”, Bowdidge said, according to Corrective Services notes. “It’s safer if I stay home.”

So he is outright admitting he can’t be trusted around children, he is admitting that he is far too close to a school and he is admitting that he will strike again. How much more does our legal system need to lock this vile predator back up where he belongs ?

In case you’re wondering why we at FACAA are angry about this particular child rapist, here is a bit of history on Bowdidge.

Firstly, Bowdidge, took a five-year-old girl into a male toilet at Shoalhaven hospital and molested her, later telling police he ‘just felt like it’.

Some years later he was convicted of sexual intercourse (that would be rape) with an intellectually disabled nine-year-old girl and, in 2001, he was sentenced to three years behind bars for raping an eight-year-old girl.

At December’s hearing, Justice Peter Hamill said Bowdidge had breached previous orders multiple times since 2011, proving that he poses a risk if not monitored.

In 2015 Bowdidge also told a psychologist her breasts were too small for his taste and it would be wrong to masturbate about her later that night, barrister James Emmett said.

Since he was last released on parole in September 2018, Bowdidge has been accused of peeping through windows and other inappropriate behaviour while staying in assisted housing facilities and motels in Sydney.

Most recently he is accused of repeatedly groping a woman at his Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, a lawyer for the state government said while arguing for the tough new court orders.

So with all of these breaches and all of the horrendous thoughts that, by his own admission, make him unsafe to be around children, what does our legal system do ?

His new conditions are that Bowdidge is banned from work, travel, or places frequented by children unless he is granted permission and accompanied. He can be frisked and his house raided at any time, and he cannot change his appearance without approval.


Seriously, our legal system is a joke ! Arrest him and imprison him for the repeated breaches of his parole, arrest him and imprison him for the groping of women at his alcoholics anonymous meeting.


When will we stop putting the freedom of convicted child rapists who will never be safe around children, (any of them, but this one is a prime example), above the rights of children to be safe ?

Surely when someone is on parole and they have breached their conditions, there is only one answer….GO BACK TO PRISON WHERE YOU BELONG !!

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