Introduction: One of our favorite check-out ladies at Porters Grocery on 5th Street, here in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., having recently found out that I occasionally write poetry, asked me to write her one. Of course, I was honored and delivered it to her on Monday. Today is: Tuesday, May 28, 2019, Vance Jones’ birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Vance,

and thanks for letting me write you a poem, Brenda. Best wishes, The Mystic Poet:

“QUEEN BRENDA SMILES!” a poem 27 Mayo 2019 [Memorial Day Monday!]

Brenda can mend-a-any de-fect-in-any soul,

For, her love, it-is-splenda-[n]-d, and-she-is in con-trol,

Of the check-ins and check-outs – at The Store of 5 Streets!

It’s Cinco! My-Oh!-My, oh! Yes, She-has “manna treats!”

Yes, our Brenda serves food – to the destitute-and-blind,
To the carefree – and -ornery – to-the-righteous! and-un-kind,
For She loves all her neighbors – and The Book of Life shows,
That Brenda – can-send-ya where no-body goes:

To: The Heart of The Universe; to: The Bosom of God!
Brenda’s His Queen, and we all should applaud,
Her! (pause) For-stooping-to-serve-us our-Da-i-ly-Bread,
Without-which-we’d-surely all-be quite-dead!!

She-IS “The-Supreme-PORTER!” She-carries all-our-woes,
And-blesses-us-at “check-out-time,” For she-surely-knows:


IF-Brenda will-but-SMILE! for-her-smile-is THAT-PURE!

fin <3

By ace101

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