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BREAKING AUSTRALIA VOICE REPORT: No voters hold unofficial referendum rallies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide


AceBreakingNews – Hundreds of people have attended unofficial No vote rallies in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane ahead of the Voice referendum on October 14.


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A crowd of people with australian flags and a sign thats reads 'NO to racism'
Signs calling for Australians to vote No in the referendum were prominent at rallies in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney on Saturday.(ABC News)none

The rallies were not organised or endorsed by the official No campaign, and have been disavowed by politicians on both sides of the debate.

Social media posts advertised “freedom” rallies occurring in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra, as well as regionally in Casino, Yeppoon, Cairns and Mackay, on Saturday.

A crowd of people gathered around some Australian flags flying and posters held up
About 1,000 people gathered in Sydney’s Hyde Park to advocate against the Voice to Parliament.(ABC News)

About 1,000 people gathered in Sydney’s Hyde Park to advocate against the Voice to Parliament, in an event promoted heavily by an online radio station.

The rally began with a welcome to country, a smoking ceremony and a traditional dance from Indigenous people.

Among the speakers at the event were Liberal Democrat politicians such as John Ruddick MLC and former MP Ross Cameron, One Nation’s Tania Mihailuk MLC and former United Australia Party MP Craig Kelly.

A crowd of people with australian flags and a sign thats reads 'NO to racism'
Protesters in Sydney where Budjiti/Murrawari man Bruce Shillingsworth called for a new constitution and flag.(ABC News)

Budjiti/Murrawari man Bruce Shillingsworth also spoke at the rally and called for people to vote No in the referendum.

“We are saying No to The Voice, we are saying no to deaths in custody, we are saying no to genocide, we are saying no to the Stolen Generations and we are saying no to the dictatorship,” Mr Shillingsworth said.

“We have a common enemy here. That common enemy is out there to destroy our lives and to destroy our Mother Earth.

“We need to create a new constitution … we need to create a new flag that will represent all of us.”Traffic was disrupted in Melbourne’s CBD as those attending the rally made speeches on the steps of Flinders Street Station.(ABC News)

A crowd of about a thousand people gathering in Hyde Park
In Melbourne, hundreds of protesters marched from the steps of parliament through the CBD to Flinders Street Station, waving Australian flags and signs promoting solidarity.

Signs advocating for an activist organisation originally founded in response to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions were prominent at the Melbourne rally, with activists appearing to co-opt a regularly scheduled worldwide demonstration to campaign for the No vote.

In the days leading up to the rally, Victorian senator James Paterson, who opposes the Voice to Parliament, warned No-vote supporters against what he dubbed “a shameless and obvious attempt” to hijack a popular cause for ulterior motives.

“Anyone speaking at or attending the rally should be aware it has zero support from the [official] No campaign, and is really an effort to recruit people for an agenda with no public support – namely Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Senator Paterson told The Guardian.

A crowd of people, a man with a piece of paper reading 'vote no to the voice' on his back
The rallies held on Saturday were not endorsed by the official No campaign.(ABC News)

In Brisbane, hundreds of people convened in the CBD’s Queens Gardens, joining in a welcome to country, speeches from First Nations people and chants condemning the referendum, government, and the media.

The protesters then marched down George Street, before turning down Elizabeth Street, chanting with the aid of drums and loudspeakers.

Speakers at the protest railed against the Voice, and other topics including lockdowns and vaccinations.

People take part in a rally against the voice to parliament in Brisbane
About 500 people attended a rally against the Voice to Parliament in Brisbane.(AAP: Jono Searle)

About 100 people gathered outside of the South Australian Parliament in opposition to the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

The event, which was promoted as part of a worldwide rally for freedom, came as other unofficial marches against the Voice were being held across Australia today.

A host of speakers encouraged people to vote No at the upcoming referendum and discussed other issues such as the recent failed legal challenge against vaccine mandates for South Australian health workers.

One of those speakers, Mark Aldridge, who opposes the Voice but supports a treaty process for Indigenous Australians, said he wished the rally was more focused on the referendum debate.

“It’s been a bit of a mixed bag today – I think the message should have strictly been ‘vote No’ and been able to speak about the various aspects of it,” Mr Aldridge said.

“I think from both sides of the Yes and the No, there’s not a lot of educated debate happening, and I would like to see more of that.”

A speech written by One Nation politician and member of the legislative council, Sarah Game, was also read out to the crowd in opposition to South Australia’s state-based Voice to Parliament, which was legislated earlier this year.

A group of people campaigning for no in the referendum
About 100 people attended a No vote rally in Adelaide.(ABC News)

On the other side of the debate, Yes campaigners conducted doorknocking in Adelaide’s north-east on Saturday.

Yes23 campaign spokesperson Rachel Perkins said she believed crowds at today’s No rallies would not be as large as those at last weekend’s Yes demonstrations.

“I think last weekend we saw more than 200,000 people in every capital city come out to support the Voice, so that’s huge,” she said.

“This weekend we have some No rallies. I don’t think they’re going to get the same numbers.”Loading…Loading…

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