Body Addiction ~

“WISHFUL WANTING ADDICTION(S)!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Is It Safe?” August 12, 2019 (MoonDay)

ADDICTION! ADDICTION! It-is my conviction,
That: “Addiction-is-all that we’ve got!!”
To keep us right here, insane, but demure – It-is FOR-ADDICTION, we’ve-sought,
All-for-the-sake of-maintaining-The-Flesh – and keeping us here in The Body,
Struggling-&-Straining-&-usually com-plaining! Tryin’-to-be-a-little-bit-“naughty!”

IF you’re NOT addicted to-something-like-PRETTY -or-food-or-some-power or-money,
You-might-seek-addiction, to pills-for-some-thrills; this I-think often-WE-SEE!
ADDICTION! ADDICTION! Select care-fully, on what you will focus upon,
Like-on: “pumping” your body – or-making-“enhancements,” to-convince-friends-you-really-have-BRAWN!

Is there any advice? I-can-give-to-A-Nation, addicted-to POWER-&-WAR?
Why-not rather-choose ro-mance-beauty-‘n’-s -x,


So, I-give-you Sweet-Shawna, with-her-amorous-site, &-pics that you’ll maybe admire! PLUS-a-nice poem-or-two &-you-might-appreciate too, The-Gals in her Heavenly Choir!

AALIYAH: With-sophistication! poise! and-grace every-where,
Aaliyah flaunts confidence and savoir-faire!
Everything’s in-place, but she-can-get quite wild;
Sometimes animals hide-behind poses, sleek-and-mild!
ASIA: Oh, geez, Asia: That-dress is so-tight!
I-think-the-seams-are-splitting, but it-might-be-all-right!
We’ll just do the-best, the-best-we-can, Hon!
Asia’s “busting out!” (but) that-could-be-a-lot-o’-fun!


By ace101

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