Bleeding Hearts – welcome back ’Mum’

“BLEEDING HEART[S]!” a poem June 21, 2019 [Friday]

Recently, a friend of mind – said, “You-condone atrocities!”

I-replied: “Oh, no, no, no! but-I-do-believe in-A-MEN-i-ties!

And -that includes: BEING ‘civil!’ even-to-MONSTERS,* so-called!

Yet, NO! with-what-they-sometimes-do with-that I-AM QUITE-appalled!

However, I- am just a person, drowning-in-all-this-scary stuff ( make better decisions )

& LOVE & TORMENT, BLISS & COMPASSION, dealing with some Fate,

Which seems (it seems) to have-placed-me in This Bloody Middle, missing out on date night, again…

But – NO! I-don’t-CONDONE HATE!-or- HURT! even-just-a-little! (!)

And IF – one night, as I lay sleeping, an-intruder entered there,

Seeking-to-hurt those-I-love I would say: “I care –

For you and wish-you-all-the-best!” And – Well! I’D KILL-THEM-ON-THE-SPOT,

[But] Not because I WANT them dead! or-their-d.n.a.’s-too-hot,*

But because – protection of myself – and of-those-I-love, but because I would probably faint with fright. 😜 my woman takes care of me, she’s a real mean bitch, that one

Is (to-me) MORE IMPORTANT – than “The Rights” they’re thinking of,

Which seem to-THEM to justify what they’re about to do, wack me over the head, kick me in the balls, gee that’s a thought just call me ”Dickless Harry”

Well, BYE! BYE! person! with such thoughts! Since I-can’t put you in a zoo,** ( shut up cowboy)

I’ll put you in a quiet grave, and – I’ll come – to lay you flowers, ( just wait while I dig the grave for you big boy🤪 )

And wish-you-the-best! and throw-you-a-kiss, and hope [that] repeated-showers blow flies fill her with magotts 😂

Wash away – any hate or angst – or regret – or STUFF we-ALL-possess, especially me, the Texas Cowboy

Which! may-make-us-HUMAN – but-doesn’t-give-us-any-right- to wash my own clothes, do the ironing and cook all the meals to eat myself ( my first love)

TO-HARM-WITH-GREAT-IM-PRESS! 🙂 – This, I confess!

fin <3 A-MEN!

  • – There are some who believe that, for instance, the d.n.a. strands of serial killers, pedophiles and rapists are essentially different than “main stream society!” That MAY be true! I don’t know! However, LOVING your “neighbor” means, I think, having compassion on their condition [whatever their DNA looks like!!] It DOES NOT mean you have to let them live just as they are about to “shoot mum!” oh my goodness gracious not my Mum!

fin <3

Welcome back Mum

** – Although it SEEMS OBVIOUS, we ALL are living in THIS ZOO! Why else would all this amazing stuff be going on? Oh well just find another cook I guess 🔙💃

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