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Since I was attending book signings this weekend, I was not able to post one of my usual weekly essays. Instead, I am including a link to a program that aired this past week on NPR.

Sometime back I was contacted by WF Strong, who had read my first book ‘Yonderings’ and wanted to do a piece on the book. I was honored for him to show such interest and readily acquiesced.

The finished product came out Wednesday last week, while I was making one of my solitary prowls in the lower Big Bend. But ever the gentleman, he was kind enough to provide the link that follows below.

Since then dozens of readers, both established as well as new, have been sending their congratulations. Though it would be too long of a list to name them individually, I found myself once again in awe and somewhat humbled by such kind remarks and attention. Thank you folks!

I would also like to thank Mr. Strong for producing this, and for his many complimentary words both about myself as well as my writing. This sort of recognition from such a widely-known group of people is a special thing indeed.

And the photo? This was where I was that same Wednesday with evening coming on, scouting along Rough Run Creek below Little Christmas Mountain. This old country had her best Sunday dress on after the recent rains, and was a pure feast for the senses as well as the spirit!

God bless to all,

Ben H. English
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