Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Sounds simply to say that word ‘ Believe ‘ but first you need to have ‘ Faith ‘ in what you may ask and l say unto you – You may say that’s easy l do or l do not ‘ Believe ‘ in anything even though l go to church

Sometimes people ‘ Believe ‘ that 🙏🙏 works or does not work and some do not even 🙏🙏 because of events in their life that changed everything – I say unto God believes in you and knows if and why you do not believe in God

That seems to make no sense l first thought so long ago until one daylight dawned and l read those words again – events in my life well that had been many but this day l ‘ Remembered ‘ that my childhood was not a ‘ childhood ‘ but l was the parent – Trying to teach my parents how to care and love rather than argue

I was just 6yrs of age and was beginning the work in the ‘ Plan of God ‘ did l know of course not so years went by and l grew and at 14 yrs of aged having for the last 7yrs learned that trying to change people is harder than l first thought and l 🙏🙏 it was the ‘ First Time ‘ l prayed for help and guidance and l asked for God to send someone to ‘ Love Me For Who I Am ‘ it took many years before it was or would be answered

But at 21 l got the ‘ Key of the Door ‘ in an earthly sense and it meant nothing except my age it would then be until 2020 to the dawn of 2021 that l would begin to understand and realize this is not an ‘ Earthly Key ‘ but a key from God to understand my life and to finally Begin to Believe