Bees really love me some 🎉🎉

“BRUISER!” a poem 14 June 2019 (Friday)

Have a ball! Clean your teeth!

Make your bed! Come-on, Chief!

Show-us-how to-live with gusto!

WAG THE DOG-and, when-you-bust-O

PEN-YOUR-HEAD because you fell,

Greet us with a Vict’ry Yell!

Run in grass, with lots of bees!

Scrape-and-dirty your-bloody-knees!

And, when the bee stings on your arm,

Rush inside, with no alarm,

And-ANNOUNCE-TO-ALL, as-your-arm-swells-high,

And mommy’s screamin’: “He’s gonna die,”

Say to all “I-got A-BEE – KISS! (pause)

Bees-really-love-me! Now, I gotta ‘piss!’ “

fin <3